“In the NFL, the greatest language of love is money” – Former Browns linebacker warns Cam Newton

Cam Newton’s contract status with Bill Belichick’s New England Patriots has sparked controversy in the NFL stratosphere. Bill Belichick’s team acquired free agent Newton with a minimal contract earlier this week. Newton will compete with Jarett Stidham for a starting spot after the departure of the legendary Tom Brady in Tampa Bay. The 2015 MVP NFL will be under tremendous pressure to prove a point to all its skeptics this season. Will we see old Cam Newton shine again or will it be another injury-ridden season for the veteran quarterback?

Emmanuel Acho wants Cam Newton to regain his respect, physically and financially

Emmanuel Acho, popular NFL talk show host, spoke about the contract situation with Cam Newton. When he appeared on Speak For Yourself with Marcellus Willey, Acho said “Cam absolutely needs to regain his respect Marcellus but let me tell you why. In the NFL, my brother, respect and money – they are synonymous. So if you don’t have a big contract, you have no respect. In the NFL, the greatest language of love is money. So Cam, if they don’t pay you, they don’t love you and if they don’t love you, then they don’t respect you. “

Will Cam live up to expectations with the New England Patriots?

Acho added that the former Carolina Panthers man must prove that his enemies are not mistaken when they have the opportunity to play this season. He said “Cam must regain his respect because his respect has been lost. We need not look further than his salary. Of the 32 NFL teams, only one wanted Cam Newton the way he wanted to be sought where he could compete as a starter. “

“You are not allowed to say a sentence about Cam Newton unless you start with” If Cam stays healthy “. He must therefore regain physical respect and respect based on his abilities. “ QB, now 31, has been without a team since the Panthers contract ended in 2019. He is currently on a $ 1.75 million contract with the New England Patriots, which could reach $ 7.5 million. dollars in performance bonuses during the year. the season.


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