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Edmund gives Evans a not so friendly racket touch

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Dan Evans was the last man standing at the inaugural Battle of the British and returned for more this week. He started his campaign in the second edition of the event on Tuesday and had a tense start.

This time, during the all-British event, individual tournaments are exchanged for a team setup. Evans is playing for Union Jacks and on Tuesday he faced British Bulldog’s Kyle Edmund.

Evans made a “Come on!” as the game claimed, 6-4, 6-4. Replacing the handshakes with the touches of the racket due to the pandemic going on, Evans pulled out his racket for Edmund to touch.

But Edmund gave him a little more than just a touch. Evans looked shocked.

“Be very careful, Kyle. Be very careful friend,” Evans said to Edmund as he walked towards his team.

The television cameras caught the dramatic conclusion and commentators were forced to apologize for Evans’ unexpected obscene language while telling his team what had happened.

“He just put on my racket,” said Evans. “When I put my racket there, it simply tied my racket.”

Someone off the camera suggested that it was probably not serious, to which Evans replied, “Well, I think it was.”

Edmund and British Bulldogs’s are dominating the Union Jacks by ending Day 2 ahead by 18-8.

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