Dodgers Closer Kenley Jansen announces that he has tested positive for COVID-19 – NBC Los Angeles

Los Angeles Dodgers’ all-star seamstress Kenley Jansen first reported to the camp on Sunday, and in a conference call with reporters announced that he had reported late to the camp because he tested positive for COVID-19.

Jansen said he believed he had contracted the virus from his son Kaden. He said Kaden had symptoms, including fever of over 102 degrees, and his wife had suggested that everyone in the family be tested for COVID-19. Jansen said that both his children and his wife Gianni were initially positive, but his first test was negative. A day later he also tested positive.

Jansen has had heart problems in the past where atrial fibrillation was previously diagnosed. He said his doctor classified him as “moderately vulnerable” and immediately went on a strict, low-sodium, dairy-free diet to lower his blood pressure.

Despite his previous problems and a cardiologist’s assessment of “moderate risk,” Jansen said he had never considered ending the 2020 season.

“I never had that in mind,” he said. “I always wanted to play. I love this game. I wanted to do it for the fans. We’re all going through a difficult time together. This can be a good thing not only for the Dodger fans but also for baseball fans around the world to see something on TV. “

According to the Major League Baseball protocols, Jansen had two negative tests within 24 hours to be approved for reporting to the Dodgers Summer Camp at Dodger Stadium. He added that he tested positive for the first time a little over three weeks ago, but didn’t want the team to publish the news out of respect for his teammates.

“I told the training staff that I want to keep it a bit private,” said Jansen. “I didn’t want it to be a distraction. I wanted my boys [teammates] getting ready.”

Jansen said he was “better now” and was looking forward to playing baseball again and being with his teammates. However, he warned the public to take the corona virus seriously.

Los Angeles Dodgers manager Dave Roberts had hinted earlier this week that Jansen may have had the corona virus. He told reporters that he had spoken to Jansen and that he was “in a good mood and feeling good”. Neither Roberts nor the team are allowed to explicitly announce a COVID 19 related injury to a player after they have tested positive under the MLB rules.

Roberts added on Sunday that it was Jansen’s “telling story”. Roberts announced his plans for its rapprochement just 11 days before the opening day. Roberts said it is planned that Jansen will have four appearances in the Intrasquad scrimmages before the regular season begins on July 23.

Before Sunday’s training, Jansen had a message to everyone about his coronavirus experience.

“It’s real,” said Jansen. “Everyone in the world, just take it seriously. Always wear your mask if you can. Because, trust me, it goes so quickly. As soon as my son has it, I saw how quickly it can spread. We have it tries to do everything, but we all have it in the house. “



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