Voices on the Eintracht victory: “Now we can take a breath”

Eintracht wins against Paderborn in the end, but after the game almost everything revolves around the professionals who end their careers. The voices about the game.

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to the video Hütter: “It was a great season”

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Eintracht Frankfurt clinched another victory at the end of the Bundesliga season. At the 3: 2 (2: 0) success met for Hessen Hessen Sebastian Rode (9th minute), André Silva (33.) and Bas Dost (52.), on the opposite side scored Mohamed Dräger (55.) and Sven Michel (76.).

Adi Hütter: “Basically, I’m satisfied. Of course, as a coach, you’re not 100 percent satisfied after a game like that. But I have to turn a blind eye. After the game, I used the opportunity to form a circle, which I never do otherwise, to say thank you to everyone involved – also for the great season. It was very emotional. In the game I thought about bringing Gelson and Marco what I wanted. But I really wanted to win the game, so I unfortunately spoiled the game I hope they don’t take it badly. If you look at the season, we have mastered crises this season, but in the last eight games we have gained 17 points and ended up confidently ninth hope we will be fresh against Basel in a good month and hope to make it exciting again there. “

Sebastian Rode: “It was hard work today. But the game was not insignificant. It was about defending the table position. But in the end we were lucky. The win is good for me. Before the game, I was told by Timmy Chandler that I scored a goal, so I had to grin like that after the goal. After the game there were emotional words from Gelson and Marco. Marco wished us health and all the best in the world for the future. The overall season balance is mixed. We had also some low blows. But we always pulled ourselves out. We’ll have to build on that next season. But now we can take a breath. The game against Basel will be a surprise bag. “

Marco Russ: “I’m relieved. I’m really good. I had a couple of days to do that. Of course it would have been more emotional with the fans. But we’ll do that later. The coach and I had agreed that if the game did it allows me to get a few minutes, but the game was on the brink, so the decision was a matter of course for me. I’m happy now. “

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to the video Russ: “Then it will be very emotional again”

Russ says goodbye

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Fredi Bobic (at Sky): “That was a felt summer kick today. We were three goals ahead, but then we took the throttle out completely. Now we are happy that it is around. Everyone is happy to be on vacation now. Before the season we wanted to end with one digit and be good in the cup competitions. That was the goal, we achieved it. Of course one can ask the question: Was there more in it? But we had two bad phases and are now where we belong. “

Steffen Baumgart (coach SC Paderborn): “We lose as a loser because we got too many goals. But the boys came back well and showed character. There was a lot more in today. It hurts that we are relegated. I make no bones about it.”


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