Team secret dominates Nigma to win beyond the epic ‘Dota 2’ tournament

Team Secret defeated Team Nigma 3-0 in the grand finale of the Beyond Epic Dota 2 tournament, securing another dominant tournament win.

Team Secret has played a certain role this season, was ranked as one of the top teams in the world and won several tournaments, including the Final Major before the lockdown, DreamLeague Season 13.

With the Dota Pro Circuit blocked due to the coronavirus pandemic, many smaller online tournaments have surfaced, and with The International postponed to 2021, the top teams have little reason to decline invitations.

This is how Beyond Epic, a tournament organized by the Russian tournament organizer Epic Esports Events, which was to hold the penultimate major of the DPC season 2019/2020, and the American tournament organizer Beyond the Summit, came into being. There was a $ 200,000 prize pool and many of the top teams from Europe and the CIS countries.

After almost two weeks of competition, the Beyond Epic tournament ended with a grand finale between Team Secret and Nigma, two of the best teams in the world who have fought many times recently.

In the final, Team Secret looked impressive when things started. Although Nigma gave Nigma the IO, which is traditionally one of her strongest heroes, Secret managed to take the win in game one in 48 minutes. Not a fast game, and Nigma had a significant gold lead for most of the game, but it was clear that Secret’s late strength would always give them an edge should it be too late.

The second game turned out to be an instant classic, and a game you should definitely watch if you get a chance. It lasted a mammoth of 75 minutes, with the rarely seen level five neutral items having a significant impact. The game went back and forth several times, and when things came in, it looked like Nigma had the big advantage. A questionable fight by them, which Secret performed perfectly, ended the game and brought Secret to match ball.

The third game was another interesting game in which Nigma started off with a solid early game despite having to change lanes. But when the mid-game hit Secret found their groove and they found good fights, Nigma became a little too aggressive for their own good.

The lead was quickly too big for even Nigma to return, and Secret continued to play almost perfectly for the rest of the game. He took the third win in the series and a convincing 3-0 win overall.

With the win, Team Secret took home $ 80,000 and cemented it as one of the best Dota 2 teams currently in the world.




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