Riot anticipates changes to the mechanics of several champions in League of Legends

While Season 10 of League of Legends It passes with some normality and more than half a season has already passed, Riot continues watching what improvements you can make to the game, mainly in the gameplay of certain champions who today are not as strong as they should be, or are quite unbalanced between the different elos.

In this way, Riot Scruffy, leader of the League of Legends gameplay team commented on his personal Twitter account that Riot is planning major changes to the mechanics of certain champions, based on a clear objective for each of them.

The champions in question are Karthus, Pyke, Skarner, Swain y Tahm Kench, and its objectives are the following:

KARTHUS: Return Karthus to the center lane, and have the tools to more easily adjust Karthus in the jungle or in the center lane in the future.

PYKE: Improve your support role, without transforming it into an OP selection in mid or top.

Skarnes: Various adjustments to improve your quality of life and increased threat of damage against tanks and fighters.

SWAIN: Move the power to give Swain viability on high, without turning it OP on low. Pushing a few items from his skill kit to help him feel more like a “battle wizard” who should be close to his enemies.

TAHM KENCH: Move your power significantly so that it is not only a viable option in competitive, but a reasonable support in SoloQ.

Based on these changes, the aforementioned champions will undergo modifications in the next patches, and Riot Scruffy anticipated that Tahm Kench will be the first of them.

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