Mourad Boudjellal lifts the veil a little

Last Friday, Mourad Boudjellal announced that he was the bearer of a buyout offer for Olympique de Marseille. Saturday, at a press conference for the extension until 2024 of Dimitri Payet, the president of OM, Jacques-Henri Eyraud, explained once again that OM was not for sale. Finally, this Sunday evening, the Franco-Tunisian businessman Mohamed Ajroudi explained that it was he who was the intermediary between the investors and the OM shareholder, Frank McCourt.

The continuation after this publicity

This Monday, Mourad Boudjellal was the guest of RMC Sport and he explained the project in a little more detail. ” There is an offer going to be made, we are waiting for some financial information tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, with the closing of accounts before the DNCG (…) A letter of intent will be sent this week, but we will not commit the error of putting an amount on it (…) We have a pool of investors ready to make a proposal to McCourt. We sang on the balcony, now it’s up to him to come see us He started to explain.

Its investors have already tried to contact McCourt

He also responded to the mini-tirade by Jacques-Henri Eyraud, who had ironicized about a possible sale of OM. ” Without disrespecting President Eyraud, if my investors were to buy OM, the check will not be made payable to Eyraud. Was Mr. Eyraud’s statement signed by Mr. McCourt? ” Regarding the figure of 700 million euros, the former boss of the RCT implied that the leak came rather from OM for ” reassure those who have lost money with the club ».

He also explained himself a little about the investors, for the moment behind the scenes. ” I rubbed shoulders with Ajroudi several times, I saw how he lived. Last Thursday we had dinner in number in a Georges V half privatized, they did not present the bill to me, so I tell myself that it’s okay. We know very well that in a case like this we will be attacked from all sides. I have total confidence in Mr. Ajroudi and his network. That’s why I started. If you are a candidate in Marseille, you need people who can be unreasonable. It takes an investment. I think today that the people I work with have better means than those of McCourt, but I don’t know the extent of Frank McCourt’s finances. “, He explained.

Finally, he said a little more about any other offers. The clan of the American businessman denied RMC Sport that there were offers, which the Toulon, in turn, denied. He explained that there were two other offers. One who was certain and the other who was, at some point, in the embryonic state and who had grown well. The strategy is astonishing, but it could be, as the triple European Rugby champion admitted, that the group of investors he represents has already approached McCourt without having an answer. Here we are not frankly more advanced …


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