Meet Chelsea Again, How Does Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Feel?

Manchester United coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. (c) AP Photo – The draw results of the FA Cup semi-final round brought together two English giants, Manchester United and Chelsea. The two teams have faced each other quite often since Ole Gunnar Solskjaer occupied the MU coaching chair.

According to records, there have been at least five times the Red Devils met with the Blues since Solskjaer returned to Old Trafford. Three of them occurred this season.

The Red Devils own record is quite slick. They never lost either when the Blues were still coached by Maurizio Sarri and Frank Lampard. Of the five meetings, four of them succeeded in winning.

His last meeting took place in February at the Premier League. At that time, Manchester United won a 2-0 victory thanks to goals from Anthony Martial and Harry Maguire.

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How does Solskjaer feel?

And in the near future, Manchester United will have to meet again with the Blues in the FA Cup stage. How did Solskjaer feel when he discovered the fact that he had to face Chelsea again?

“We are delighted to be able to reach the semifinals to meet with the team that we have faced many times,” he said when meeting with the media in a press conference, as quoted by Metro.

“In the last 18 months, it seems that we have to fight Chelsea every weekend. This is the match that we have been waiting for,” he continued.

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Before facing Chelsea, Manchester United must undergo a number of matches in the Premier League stage first. On Wednesday (1/7/2020) tomorrow, they will visit the Brighton & Hove Albion headquarters.

MU came in perfect condition, where they have not lost in their last 14 matches. But Solskjaer was reluctant to fall asleep with the slick incision.

“Players work very hard and want to play neatly as much as possible and for me, as a team, we try to implement our plan,” he added.

“Speaking of 14 matches, we can talk about the next game and move to the next party when we know that what we have won before,” he concluded.




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