Juninho lights up the players’ mood

Just a year ago, Juninho became the sporting director of Olympique Lyonnais. A novelty in the way OL works and especially new clothes for the Brazilian crack who had never known a leadership role. Criticized for a half-failed transfer window, especially at the level of the coach (Sylvinho having already left), the magical free kick shooter decided to take stock of his first year. And he was not tender with his players.

The continuation after this publicity

« In my time (as a player, editor’s note), people tell us: “you were stronger”. The truth is, we trained like we played, and it was a pleasure. All those who arrived knew that they were not allowed to be 70% because we, the elders, set the example. The key to everything was the intensity of the training. Today, it’s incredible that we have to ask for intensity. If in Liverpool, in City, you don’t work 100%, this is the platform right away “, He indicated in the columns of the Progress.

Juninho has an idea

A sentence that will not please the locker room at all, but Juninho has his idea of ​​the style of play he would like to see in the men of Rudi Garcia: ” raise behind by putting your goalkeeper in the game, because today there are fewer spaces, and it’s going too fast. (…) Your second obligation, when you lose the ball in attack, is to react as a team. If a guy does not want to do it, he will be a second late, the opponent will get away with it and it’s over. We don’t do it enough. »

Clear, crisp and precise. With a seventh place this season in Ligue 1, Olympique Lyonnais should not be European next year, unless it beats Paris SG in the final of the BKT League Cup, for the first time in many years . And Juninho is an accountant too, he knows it. It remains now to change the game this summer with an interesting recruitment and especially a setting up perhaps a little more serious for the months to come.


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