Hockey, rowing, martial arts: why certain sports are still prohibited – Berlin

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Not good news for the 9600 rowers organized in 60 Berlin clubs: the sports administration insists that the minimum distance of 1.50 meters is also maintained in rowing boats.

A delegation from the State Sports Association, including LSB President Thomas Härtel, as well as Karsten Finger, chairman of the State Rowing Association and Vice President for competitive sports at LSB, met on Tuesday afternoon for a discussion in the internal administration, in which State Secretary of State Aleksander Dzembritzki also took part. The meeting brought no agreement.

Now the Landesruderverband will file a lawsuit with the administrative court. “It is not understandable to insist on the distance regulations when the sports are released outside in Brandenburg, including team rowing,” Finger told Tagesspiegel on Tuesday evening.

Finger now wants to send an email to the clubs and inform them about the course of the conversation, which is not pleasant for the rowers. Some clubs had allowed team rowing again on Saturday with the entry into force of the new infection protection regulation.

As reported, the women’s rowing club had received a letter from the health administration, stating that team rowing was permitted even at a shorter distance of less than 1.50 meters, because a rowing boat could not be “dismantled” due to its structural nature. Depending on the size of the boat, there is a distance between the rudder seats between 1.35 and 1.45 meters.


The distance rule continues to apply to contact sports such as martial arts. But hockey and ball sports are also affected. In Berlin, only the previous training sizes of twelve people have been dropped.


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