Written by: Chris Creamer • Friday 24 January 2020

The Pittsburgh Pirates today unveiled their new gray and black road alternate uniforms for the upcoming 2020 season. Both uniforms feature the same retro-inspired “Pittsburgh” branding on the front of the shirt, both are black with gold trim.

Pittsburgh had previously worn this script style through its street shirts for eleven seasons since 1990, through three NL East Division championships, before dropping them after the 2000 season.

Here is the official presentation video directly from the Pittsburgh Pirates:

The new alternative uniform, which is specifically classified as an “alternative road”, has been added to the detriment of the retro uniforms of the 70s that had been worn for every Sunday home game in recent seasons (yes, those with the pillbox-caps of style). It seems that those uniforms are no longer part of the usual Pirate rotation, although it is entirely possible that the team will bring them back a handful of times as part of the normal “Turn Back the Clock” promotions.

With the new alternative street uniform also comes a new hat, perhaps not clear enough in the video or photos released, the hat is similar to the other alternative hat worn by the team – this has an extra golden outline outside the “P” rather than a white one. The hat with the white outline remains to be worn with the other black shirt that Pirates wear.

The new street uniform features the same stripes on the sleeves and around the collar as those worn last year, except with that new Pittsburgh brand on the front. Yesterday it was said that the shade of gray on the uniform would be darker, but it seemed to be unchanged.

TLDR: Pirates have a new road shirt and a new alternative road shirt. Their Sunday retrobacks are no longer officially an “alternative” uniform. Domestic white, alternating black (with the “P” on the chest) and camouflage uniforms returned in 2020 without changes.

Pirates wore it on their road jerseys from 1990 to 2000

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