In the introduction to July, the third stage of the Latvian Motocross Cup will be held in Nereta – Motor sports –

This will be the third stage in both series of all five scheduled for this year. After the stage in Nereta, the competition series will also take place in Madona and Stelpe.

In the first stage (Saldus) 243 pilots were entered for the competition. In the most prestigious youth class, the MX125 was triumphed by an Estonian rider at the time Sebastians Leoks. In the second stage of the season, the laurels of victory were picked in Lubāna Martins Platkēvičs.

MX50 Dwarfs, MX50 Newest, MX50 Oldest, MX65 Newest, MX65 Oldest, MX85 Newest, MX85 Oldest and Squares will take part in the competition from small classes Kids.

The other athletes will be divided into 14 other competitions – MX2 ​​Juniors, MX2 Juniors B, MX125, MX125 B, MX2T, Squares 100, Squares Juniors, MX30 +, MX40 +, Golden Moped, Retro 175, Retro 250, Retro 350 and Retro 450.

The organizers of the race have also made sure that the prizes are not only for the fastest riders, but also for the spectators. The race will not be possible without a hot fight for the status of the starting king.

Admission is free for children under 12 and pensioners, so the organizers kindly invite every motocross fan to come to the competition in Nereta.

Latvian Cup and Latvian Junior Motocross Championship

Date Venue Results
April 30 Saldus HERE
May 28 Lubāna HERE
July 2 Nereta
July 23 Madonna
August 13 Stelpe

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