FC Bayern: Müller speaks after S04 of “Danger” – Goretzka reveals secret

    Thomas Müller talks about his anniversary goal, Hansi Flick is satisfied with the current squad and David Wagner saw FCB as “strong”. The voices about the game.

    • FC Bayern wins on match day 20 5: 0 (2: 0) against the FC Schalke
    • Hansi Flick. Thomas Müller and Leon Goretzka was very satisfied with the performance
    • The mood of the royal blue looked different – that Voices about the game

    Munich – The FC Bayern has made a bold exclamation mark in the fight for the German Championship. On match day 20, the team’s eleven struck Hansi Flick the FC Schalke fully deserved 5-0 (2-0). Thomas Müller scored his anniversary goal in the Allianz Arena. Also Leon Goretzka registered against his ex-club in your goalscorer list.

    The record champions are now only one point behind the leaders RB Leipzigthat at noon with 0: 2 (0: 1) Eintracht Frankfurt have lost. RB coach Julian Nagelsmann was really angry after the game and criticized the attitude of his team at the training session during the week.

    For the game of FC Bayern against the FC Schalke 04 you can vote here who was the best Bayern player for Sieder. In addition, there are the marks of the FCB stars. Because of the gala, there was the one four times. We have summarized the voices of the protagonists for the top game on match day 20.

    FC Bayern vs Schalke 04: the votes of the game

    Hansi Flick (coach, FC Bayern Munich) …

    … to praise himself: “Of course that’s nice for me, but it’s not important. I’m just interested in what my team brings to the field and that was very good today. ”

    … to the game: “We wanted to implement our game and our philosophy with high intensity right from the start. We succeeded really well. If you win 5-0, the stripped goals are easy to get over in the first half. ”

    … on the table situation: “Before the game, I wasn’t interested in what Leipzig did. But of course you can tell. It may be that it motivated the players even more. Our three points are decisive, no matter who submitted how. The way we appear has to give us even more confidence. Our quality in the squad is outstanding. If I can replenish like I do today, I’m very happy.

    … on the defensive switching game of Bayern: “It is always important to have good remaining defense in possession of the ball. We have good stability in it at the moment. This is particularly important because we have a lot of creative players. Especially in the last third you can try out and make mistakes, but then the remaining defense has to fit. ”

    … about Leon Goretzka: “He brought in his aggressiveness, which we also need.”

    … for continued employment beyond the season: “It’s still so far away. We still have a long way to go. It’s about the club and the team. Then we’ll see what comes of it at the end. “

    FC Bayern: Müller speaks after S04 of “Danger” – Goretzka reveals secret

    Thomas Müller (goalscorer FC Bayern Munich) …

    ,.. on motivation from the Leipzig defeat: “After that, we might have had a little more grip. Maybe we put two or three percent on top. Of course, it is inciting when you wait for the competition to make a mistake and then see it. ”

    … on the table situation: “I prefer the role of the hunted. Then we are where we want to be. We currently have no choice but to assume the role of the persecutor. We try to make up for our games. Today we are very happy. Our plus was our aggressiveness against the ball. ”

    … to its good shape: “We play well as a team and if you score five goals, there is a high risk that you can shine as an offensive player.”

    … to his gate: “Leon puts it off super. He sees the room I start in. It wasn’t that difficult for me anymore. The good thing was the run and the preparatory work. “

    Leon Goretzka (goalscorer FC Bayern Munich) …

    … about Hansi Flick: “He is a good trainer. He has managed to create a climate in which all players feel comfortable. He gives us a good tactical plan for the games and there is a clear development to be seen. The training camp was not great in terms of personal details. The players who were there also used the time to further internalize their tactical guidelines. ”

    … about his goal against the former club: “Sure it was something special for me. It’s no secret that I had five incredibly beautiful years there and felt very comfortable. I didn’t really know where to put the ball, then I thought, if in doubt, just shoot into the goal. “

    Quotes about the game FC Bayern against FC Schalke: S04 coach Wagner found FCB “strong”

    David Wagner (coach, FC Schalke 04) …

    … to the game: “Bayern were strong today and we weren’t as strong as we can be. If you want to take something with you, a lot has to come together. That was not the case today. We had two options ready. Starting in front like against Gladbach, that didn’t work in the first ten minutes. From the deep pressing and with counters it didn’t work afterwards. Bavaria was clearly better. “

    … how to deal with defeat: “It is relatively easy for me. That is part of a development. On Friday in Berlin we will show the reaction the team has to face. The team is much too closed and clear in the head that such a defeat tears the ground from under our feet. We can’t always just talk about a young team if we win. There are also defeats. We will see that we do better again against Berlin. “

    … on the goalkeeper question: “We will give ourselves the time in the next few days to think about it. Schubert also held some very good balls today. It could have gone even higher. Of course, he was also there for two goals. We don’t have to keep that secret either. “

    Sascha Riether (Coordinator of the FC Schalke 04 license player department) …

    … to the game: “From the very first minute, we didn’t bring anything that Schalke is used to this season to the pitch. You have seen that if we do not bring this willingness to run, energy and passion to the pitch, then we simply cannot keep up with Bavaria in terms of quality. I had the impression that Bayern were motivated by the Leipzig defeat. Right from the start, they were very easy to grip in the way we wanted to be. We were really beat up today. There are games like this. We have to get up now. “

    … for early arrears: “It is not easy with our young team if you fall behind so early here. Bayern were just too dominant today to take something with them. ”

    … about the goalkeeper question: “We don’t need to talk about the goalkeeper after such a result. We haven’t lost because of him. It was not a good performance by the entire team. It was the worst team performance of the season. But we know where we come from. Today we saw that if we don’t put certain things on the pitch, we can’t keep up with some teams. ”

    Quotes about the game FC Bayern vs. FC Schalke: Schubert does not need any streak units

    Bastian Oczipka (FC Schalke 04) …

    … to the game: “We missed what made us different in the other season games. If you present yourself like this, the result is justified. Bayern are of course an outstanding team. But we didn’t bring our own qualities to the table today. We just didn’t come into the game. That was far too little. “

    … for early arrears: “It was bitter to be back so early. It could have been higher earlier in the first half. ”

    … about Markus Schubert: “We went down here as a complete team – not an individual.”

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    List of rubric lists: © dpa / Tobias Hase

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