And who will become German soccer champion in 2020?

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BLeigießen is now forbidden, but of course a little coffee grounds reading is still allowed. So who will become German football champions? It is an unusual thing that one can still seriously ask this question and have several options. In the end, it was always clear that the answer would go without saying Bayern Munich – even last year, when Borussia Dortmund finished the first half of the season with a six point lead and nobody really wanted to believe in the title.

This time things are different, there are five club logos in the coffee grounds, and in view of the pre-season, FC Schalke is also surprisingly there. On point with Borussia Dortmund, but still without a chance to win the title, but you have to take your hat off to coach David Wagner, who now has to moderate the threatening theater around the former captain and soon to become Bayern’s substitute goalkeeper Alexander Nübel. BVB, on the other hand, is the winner of the winter break, having landed the biggest coup with Erling Haaland’s commitment. And maybe the crucial addition that gives the storm the necessary punch. Incidentally, contrary to all the warnings of past years, especially young players, not to overload them with expectations, that’s exactly what happened of course: one cannot imagine what is currently pounding on the nineteen-year-old.

A lot is pounding on the players of the league leaders Leipzig – Julian Nagelsmann, who also wanted Haaland, had put together a rather long list of everything that could be improved, including new game systems. The RB coach will never be accused of being too hesitant, and the triple burden from the Cup and Champions League will not frighten him either. The competitors from Mönchengladbach, on the other hand, make it particularly dangerous that they can only concentrate on the Bundesliga – if you assume that this is better.

And the Bavarians? Despite being third, four points behind and some injured, they are actually the hunted, have to get by without Uli Hoeneß and now have Oliver Kahn in the neck, which is not a nice idea at first. So what can be seen fairly clearly in the coffee grounds? Klopp will win the Premier League with Liverpool.



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