Bavaria wants to produce its own Müllers and Schweinsteiger in the next few years. BILD presents the greatest talents in the “Generation Future” series. Today in part 3: Oliver Batista-Meier (18).

The offensive trickster was one of four U23 talents that Hansi Flick (54) permanently ordered for professional training in November. However, at first there were problems getting the good news to him …

Batista-Meier says with a laugh: “I got a call in the evening, but I didn’t answer because I hadn’t yet saved Hansi Flick’s number.”

Photo: Dennis Brosda

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Batista-Meier at the boarding school on the Bayern campusPhoto: Dennis Brosda

Fortunately, Flick did not give up: “The next morning there was a message that I should report back, I did that. I was very happy, I was very happy. Playing with Lewandowski and everyone else every day is a dream. ”

Photo: Dennis Brosda

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Batista-Meier in the Youth League against TottenhamPhoto: Dennis Brosda

The real Bayern fans have known the name Batista-Meier for a long time. Over a year ago, he was on the go for professional training. In the spring, however, the high-flyer was slowed down: “I broke my ankle and was out six months. I was never really hurt. And this injury was really, really hard. “But he struggled back:” I’m glad that I have experienced such a phase, I now know how to deal with it. “

The most impressive among the professionals are Thiago (28) and Joshua Kimmich (24). Batista-Meier: “What kind of mentality he has, you can already tell the difference. You can learn something from everyone in football. ”He is also enthusiastic about Flick:“ I like him very much, I think he can help the boy a lot. You need someone to support the boys, I think he’s someone like that. He talks to us very often, also talks one-on-one and says what was good and what was bad. ”

Oliver’s general role models: “Cristiano Ronaldo’s mentality. I like his style very much. In terms of football, Mbappé and Neymar. “

Batista-Meier has Brazilian blood herself: “My father is German, my mother is Brazilian. I feel more Brazilian, but sometimes my German side comes through. The technology may be more Brazilian. “

But he still doesn’t really dare to play with Bavarian “compatriot” Philippe Coutinho (27). Batista-Meier: “I really forgot something about Portuguese, it upsets me a little. Coutinho does not yet know that I am half-Brazilian. I don’t really want to say it either, then he wants to talk to me, and then it’ll be difficult … ”(laughs)