New GM Ron Francis is looking forward to his chance to build the NHL team in Seattle – The Athletic

He was, during most of the nine months, enjoying his sabbatical away from the game of hockey. After Ron Francis broke free from the Carolina Hurricanes in April 2018, he took his family on a trip to Italy, managed to recharge the batteries and did well, lived his life as a businessman involved with Raleigh, NC , real estate sector. But then came Christmas and an invitation to run Canada's entry in the Spengler Cup, a tournament that is held every year in the postcard of Davos, Switzerland. Shortly thereafter, Francis had an overture from Hockey Canada – would he consider managing Canada's access to the 2019 world championships?

It was there, Francis said, that he rediscovered his passion for the game – and realized that he still wanted to use the long hours needed to set up an NHL expansion franchise.

"In four weeks that you have been around NHL boys, you start to think:" This is where I feel comfortable, this is what I like and maybe I am …

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