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Stephen and Seth Curry, brothers duel at the top of the NBA


For the first time, two brothers - Seth and Stephen Curry - will compete in the NBA conference finals.
For the first time, two brothers – Seth and Stephen Curry – will compete in the NBA conference finals. Kyle Terada / USA TODAY Sports

They will shoot toss before each game. Accustomed to encourage their offspring, Stephen and Seth, former US basketball player Dell Curry and his wife Sonya face a dilemma: their two boys will compete in the NBA West Conference final – a first for two brothers.

Stephen Curry, the leader of the Golden State Warriors, will welcome his younger brother, Seth, replacing Portland Trail Blazers, on Tuesday, May 14, in the first game of the series (the best of seven games). For the parents, it is therefore a piece that will determine, at each meeting, which of them will support the Warriors, and which the Blazers.

"The Curry are incredible, Fun Steve Kerr, the Warriors' coach, doubles NBA champions. It's a bit like the royal family of the NBA. They travel everywhere to see their sons, and Stephen and Seth are successful. Of course, there will be a conflict situation for them for two weeks, but what a beautiful story. "

Royal way against galley seasons

The careers of the two brothers are far from having followed the same path. Where Stephen, 31, has followed a golden paved path to Golden State, setting himself up as one – if not the – best shooter in history and filling his trophy cabinet (three titles, two trophies of MVP, the best player of the season), Seth, 28, has struggled to make his hole in the NBA.

Un-drafted in 2013, upon leaving the university, the one who has long been sidelined as "Curry's brother" began his career in the G-League, the NBA's development league, and chained the wounds and injuries. short passages in the big league.

If his coach in Sacramento, George Karl, felt in 2016 that he "Will remain (it) only a pair of years in NBA", Seth settled more in the league from the 2015-2016 season. The one who saw her big brother bring down the NBA's record regular season wins record with his team of Warriors.

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"We have a pretty classic relationship between two brothers, smiled Stephen Curry Monday after training the Warriors. We played a lot against each other, and he kept cheating me. " Elder of two, he had the advantage of the size on Seth, but the latter "Was not easy to play".

In 2015, in his speech after receiving the title MVP (best player) of the season, the leader of Golden State had thanked his younger brother for the incessant challenge he had brought, and detailed "Battles" fratricide in the back of the family home.

"Our games lasted all night, and stopped for two reasons: Mom came to tell us that the bouncing of the ball disturbed the neighbors because it was late, or you get upset because I beat you. "

Stephen Curry also praised the evolution of his brother, whose professional career had just begun. "It's not easy to have a big brother who plays in the NBA, after your father. And the way you handle it is impressive. "

Three-point duels in a gymnasium

In Curry, we shoot three points in the blood. Like their father Dell, former Charlotte Hornets sniper, Stephen and Seth built their career on long range shooting. And, as the youngest was still in college, they spent the summer perfecting their shots by competing in a gymnasium in Charlotte, North Carolina, with Anthony Morrow, an NBA veteran from city.

"These workouts were special"Seth said in February, on the sidelines of the All Star Game (the annual match between the best players of the East and West Conferences), which saw the two brothers compete in the three-point competition. "It has been a key to my development. " As soon as a player missed a shot, he was eliminated, and the two brothers could chain up to 28 shots each before a failure.

The three-point shot flows into the veins of the Curry brothers.
The three-point shot flows into the veins of the Curry brothers. Kyle Terada / USA TODAY Sports

In Egyptian mythology, the god Seth opposes his brother Osiris, who reigns over the kingdom, and ends up killing him to take his place on the throne. The comparison seems easy with the Curry brothers, as Stephen now embodies the North American league.

But if Stephen's story looks like a fairy tale and Seth's story is more contrasted, the younger refuses to be confined to the role of " brother of ". "Avoid writing again that I'm trying to get out of Steph's shadow, did it require in February, in a long portrait published by the American site The Athletic. Everyone wants me to say that, it has been written millions of times. "

Solid substitute Blazers, Seth Curry should play an important role in the series against the double champions in title. Accustomed to spending the month of May cheering on his eldest from the stands – he is playing his first playoffs – the Oregon sniper still struggles to achieve. "To face Stephen in the playoffs is a dream come true for both of us, but also for our families who will have a lot of fun. "

If, during the All Star Game, the two brothers had bet on each other on the result of the three-point contest, no bet for the playoffs. "No need, sStephen whistles, the stakes are already pretty big. The winner wins the Western Conference and will represent his team in the NBA Finals ».

Match 1: Golden State, on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday (3 hours)
Match 2: Golden State, Thursday May 16th (at 3 am)
Match 3: Portland, Saturday, May 18th (at 3 am)
Match 4: Portland, Monday, May 20th (at 3 am)
Match 5: Golden State, Wednesday, May 22 (if necessary)
Match 6: Portland, Friday May 24th (if necessary)
Match 7: Golden State, Sunday 26 May (if necessary)

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