With the descent into the 3rd league it comes for the MSV Duisburg quite thick. Not only a hard time, but also financially, because the club has to do everything to get the necessary license documents together. Schalke 04 is supposed to help with a "rescue game".

Today's Tuesday, the clubs must have submitted the necessary license documents to the DFB. For the MSV Duisburg this is anything but a sure thing, because the zebras need more money to close a funding gap.

As S04 sports director Jochen Schneider the image confirmed, the Schalke are in exchange with Duisburg. Details are missing so far however. Through a so-called "savior game" the club could be estimated to benefit a medium six-digit sum, which would be a considerable advantage for the Duisburg.

Bayern also helped 1. FC Kaiserslautern on Monday, which is noisy Liga3 online a sum of roughly 750,000 euros.


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