Sport Magdeburg wants to be second-rate again in three years...

Magdeburg wants to be second-rate again in three years (


How is the atmosphere in and around the club? The descent is certainly not processed yet.

The sadness about leaving the second division is still felt. However, the topic has not occupied us since Sunday. We were threatened with descent all season. At the latest after the game two weeks ago in Bochum, when we no longer had the league in our own hands, a realistic examination of the topic began.

This Sunday is for FCM against Cologne for the time being last second division match. With what expectations do you go into the home game?

For us it is important to leave the league with a positive image of our club. Our fans have passionately supported the team throughout the season despite many sporting setbacks. That was just great.

What was decisive for the descent?

A lot has come together, our transfer balance was decisive. We have signed nine players this summer, but only four of them were second-division. These are Tobias Müller, Aleksandar Ignjovski, Rico Preißinger and Marius Bülter. With the change of coach in November, we also changed our transfer process. In the winter break, we have again committed four players – with a better rate. Except for Steven Lewerenz, who never found his form due to injury, three convinced. So for this season we have a positive transfer rate of 54 percent. In our promotion season, we were at 50 percent. It was devastating for us this year that only one out of four new committed offensive players could really convince and many players in the promotion team could not match their performance.

Eleven out of 13 new arrivals came on a free transfer. Was perhaps too little invested in the team?

There is not a single transfer of money failed. We got all the players we wanted in both change periods. In the winter we were able to sign up players who would not have come to us as promoted half a year earlier. I think we judged our promotion team to be more efficient than it showed it then. Much heavier that the team especially at the beginning of the season has shown no positive attributes of a riser. With team spirit, passion, courage and determination one could compensate individual disadvantages at least until winter.

1. FC Magdeburg has risen together with Paderborn. While the SC Paderborn still plays on Sunday for direct promotion to the first division, the FCM has already relegated. Why is the difference so big?

Paderborn had the successful style of play for the second league. They scored only slightly fewer goals than we did, but scored more than twice as many goals. The solution at Paderborn was also in the third division already on the offensive. Our up to the ascent successful, defensively oriented style of play was no longer successful in the second league due to lack of euphoria and individual quality.

Looking back on the change from ascent coach Jens Härtel to Michael Oenning is the right decision?

We had nine points from 13 games in November. For many players to form a unity with team spirit, this is a coaching team responsible. The team, however, was divided at the time, in old and new players. With the offensive style of Michael Oenning we got eleven points from the first five games in 2019. After that, important players regularly dropped out due to injury. From this point on we had no more consistency on the pitch and therefore no consistently good results. As a conclusion, we have missed our season target. I have not been able to commit the coach, which reached the league with the team.

Does the FCM also take something positive from its first second league year?

Yes. Economically, we have achieved a very good result that will sustainably sustain our association. We are planning the upcoming third league season with a total budget of 10.1 million euros. In the ascent year it was still a million less. This shows that the club has constantly evolved. In addition, we have all the experience that will help us now and in the event of a new ascension. Due to our good economic substance, we do not plan to make a contracted player, with whom we plan our own sport. There are specific requests for some players, but we are in a position to think about a transfer only when attractive transfer fees are offered and the player is physically substitutable for us.

Immediately after the fixed descent, you said that direct resurgence was not the goal. With these good conditions: why not?

There are many reasons for this, first reason. Of course we think success-oriented, but we know the reality very well. We could beat everything out of the good economic result with the goal of the immediate resurgence. But that would be unrealistic and not serious. Where that leads, one knows all too well in Magdeburg. That's why we have decided on a sporty new start with a solid foundation. For the new season, we currently have fifteen players under contract. Many players will leave us, so an era ends at the FCM. Likewise, we will reorganize ourselves on the coaching position. The goal is for us to establish ourselves in the third league in the first year and to develop continuously, with the goal of being back in the league in three years time. Therefore, it is important to continue on our path of economic reason and sustainability.

Does the descent in addition to the sporting other negative consequences for the club?

No. In the summer, we consciously decided not to make any big changes in the first second-league year in structural and administrative matters. Before we expand these areas, we wanted to establish ourselves. This decision is not a reason to miss the goal of the season, but it helps us enormously now, because we do not have to cancel a single employee for economic reasons. If we had not left, we would have now implemented our plans for further development, such as expanding personnel positions or tackling the construction of a new training complex.

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