Bruce Arians says that Vernon Hargreaves must intend to get it right;

Bruce Arians says that Vernon Hargreaves must intend to get it right;

Tampa Bay The center, Ryan Jensen, has noticed that everyone on the team is responsible for Bruce Arians and it seems that Jensen was not talking when he said, everyone. On Tuesday Vernon Hargreaves had a person who was not alive to that standard.

Hargreaves did not take part in the first team organizing activity and when asked after why it was not, Arians said Hargreaves had to put his mind right.

Arians were not willing to explain exactly what he meant to the comment but said that the reporters will ask Hargreaves why his mind was not right.

Jensen said that it was not the responsibility of the previous training team to actually stock, and this is a major change for the organization.

. “There are lots of different things,” said Jensen, through “The only thing that lies with me is how B.A. going to keep guys accountable. And that's great. You know, he has that personality he wants to win and the team of men, the team of players. That is how he goes, where he is just a coach but the culture he wants to set is that he is the player team. And this comes with the players who keep players accountable, and I think this year will be a big change. ”

It is unclear whether Hargreaves has any involvement with accountability but this is a storyline that could achieve steam, especially if Hargreaves takes an exception to the views.

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