NFL 3 heavy projection for 49s firmly at the end...

3 heavy projection for 49s firmly at the end of George Kittle


Last season, San Francisco 49ers found out how special George Kittle was at the end of the period. Kittle established himself as one of the best ends in the NFL in 2018 and demonstrated that he could make progress.

The 2018 season was disappointing for the 49s but some positive things came out of it. One person was finding out how a fatal Kittle can be affected by Kyle Shanahan.

San Francisco picked out three Kittle in the fifth round of the 2017 NFL Draft. Kittle did not come from Iowa – it is no surprise to anyone.

Just this season, T.J. Hockenson and Noah Fant were drafted in the first round of the Draft NFL 2018 from Iowa. However, Kittle was a total theft while drafting in the fifth round.

The end of the third year will be expected to improve in 2019 as a tight end. With Rob Gronkowski now retired, the throne for the best end in the NFL is now officially open to accept.

Last season, 88 was holding by Kittle for 1,377 yards and five of the back. The most significant aspect of its season was that it played most of the season with backup backups.

In 2019, Jimmy Garoppolo returns to the injury which knocked out from 2018.

These are three heavy projections for the 49ers firm end in 2019.

3. 1.400+ Reception yard

Jimmy Garoppolo


In 2018, Kittle was able to receive 1,377 receiving rods in his second season in the NFL. The end is firm to go over that number in the coming season.

In any offense Kyle Shanahan, many will proceed in the offense. Therefore, there are many opportunities for everyone to produce within the offense.

Even with C.J Beathard and Nick Mullens by mid-2018, San Francisco ranked 15th in the NFL during a yard with 3,867 yards. This number should increase in 2019 by Garoppolo at the center.

As a result of Garoppolo being back, Kittle could raise his numbers slightly in the coming season.

In the case of yards, the strong and capable end could get over 1,400 yards through air in 2019.

2. 100+ Reception

Kyle Shanahan

If the last season showed us nothing with the 49s, Kittle is the best weapon in their attack from the air. The 88 receptions reflect this and it is necessary for its targets to require that label.

The young end was focused on 136 times in 2018 and should see approximately the same number of targets in 2019.

Shanahan is smart when he comes to offense and he knows – more than anyone – that Kittle must be heavily involved in the offense.

Again, the fourth quarter is Garoppolo in 2019.

If people thought that sophomore season was impressive at Kittle in the NFL, his junior season intends to put it on the map as one of the best in the NFL.

1. 10+ Touchdowns

Deebo Samuel

Kim Klement / USA TODAY Sports

With the additions and Garoppolo going back, there will be more scoring opportunities for the 49s in 2019. Last season, San Francisco was 17th place to progress in the NFL with 26.

That's another number that should increase in the coming season. Everyone in the choir should be more likely to score – especially Kittle. With the high power of Rams Rams and Russell Wilson in the same division, the 49s must be able to score them.

The 49s sent some weapons like this season of Deebo Samuel and Jordan Matthews but Kittle should be the focal point of the offense. The fourth best friend is his firm end – especially in the red zone.

Once again Kittle had five dots in 2018 but he should get more in 2019 avoiding injury.

The 49A attack army could distribute the number of challenges it received in 2018 in 2019.


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