The man who helped Kareem Horses victim was just one in handcuffs - the New York Post

The man who helped Kareem Horses victim was just one in handcuffs - the New York Post

Only one person was arrested or detained on February 10 at the hotel where Kareem Hunt pushed and kicked a student, and that person was not even there when the now infamous video footage was recorded.

"Outside The Lines" reported on Friday – a week after TMZ released a video in which Hunt derailed his career – that Derek Szeto, a businessman from Boston, was quoted for disorderly behavioral poisoning. He arrived at The Metropolitan at 9 in Cleveland at around 3 am, and Abigail Ottinger, a student from the Kent state Hunt, attacked and approached Szeto in tears.

Ottinger was hysterical, not only because of the incident with the returning Kansas City Chiefs star, but also because of alleged ill treatment by the hotel staff.

"The way the hotel handled it and the way the police imitated it are very annoying and frustrating," Szeto told ESPN. "I feel that the hotel is special, and the police should be called to their actions."

In the local police interviews that TMZ published last week, Ottinger is accused of complaining to the police that the hotel employees did not let them use the phone and blame them for the incident. Tyler Krajcik, the hotel's loss prevention officer, appears to be the employee in the midst of chaos.

"That's how I got involved, especially because the hotel does not let them use the phone," Szeto said. "I could see she had cuts. She told me the guy at the front desk said to her, "This is what you get as a slut," which I found outrageous. "

Szeto claims he picked up his phone when concerns about handling the hotel's Ottinger hotel came up and Krajcik approved it. When the police arrived, he demanded that Szeto stop recording. There are police officers who say that Szeto "illegally picked someone up" and "we do not need an arrest warrant because you have just committed a crime."

Szeto was then handcuffed and put in a patrol car. He says he is not intoxicated, as the quote claims, but decided against the return trip to Ohio to fight the fine.

Krajcik, who declined to comment on ESPN, initially told the police that they could not talk to Hunt without a warrant or the hotel owner's approval. The hotel denies in a statement that its staff has mistreated Ottinger.

"We condemn any violent or aggressive behavior and are always committed to the well-being of our guests," said the hotel management group in a statement to OTL. "The actions of our team members this evening and every evening meet and exceed our standards where safety is paramount.

"We reject any allegations that suggest otherwise and, in particular, reject the allegation that our property has not provided adequate assistance or that our staff has used vulgarity with all parties involved. The use of evil or degrading language is regrettable and we have a zero tolerance policy to eliminate all such behaviors. Now and at the beginning of this incident, we continue to work with local officials or other law enforcement agencies. "

ESPN spoke with a member of Ottinger's family outside their home and said, "The whole incident was very difficult for her and all she wants now is her privacy."

Hunt was released by the Chiefs hours after the release of the video and was not picked up on waivers. The NFL says its investigation into the incident is ongoing.

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