Sergio Ramos fined 250,000 euros for illegal logging

Alcobendas City Council has convened an extraordinary plenary session this Friday for thefelling of around 80 centenary oaksin a property of a company linked to the footballerSergio Ramosin the Moraleja.

Specifically, the agenda includes the "approval of the sanction imposed on Aguileña de Inversiones Sociedad Anónima for infringement of Law 8/2005 on the protection and promotion of urban trees".

Since the City Council have confirmed that it is centenary oaks, and, as Europa Press has learned, Aguileña de Inversiones is linked to the captain of the Spanish team.

The file that will be approved this Friday in the plenary gathersa fine of 250,000 eurosand the obligation ofplant the triple of felled treesin the place that says the City council, that can be or not in the property where they have been cut.

This file will be approved this Saturday possibly unanimously in the plenary session and, therefore, the sanction, since all the groups have shown their position in favor in the last days.

With the full, the administrative phase ends and it would be the Community of Madrid that could open a criminal action against property for environmental crime.