Investors rely on the viability of Barakaldo despite the fine of 900,000 euros

The businessmen, who criticize the lack of official information, maintain their commitment to convert the manufacturing club into a sports corporation


Social Security fines Barakaldo with 900,000 euros and leads him to the bankruptcy

Reduces the initial penalty by 150,000 euros and forces the Biscayan club to pay all that amount before November 30.


The City Council invests 45,000 euros to renew the parquet floors of Fontajau

Not even yesterday, the Spar Citylift Girona nor last week the Basketball Girona could open preseason training on the central track of Fontajau. The reason? The renovation work that the City Council has been doing this summer in the parquet, with an investment of 45,000 euros, which will allow you to have a much improved surface area as of this course. In addition, visually, the impact will be important for the difference in tones between the area and the rest of the track. And also because The old lines of 6.25 will already have disappeared, that had been covered with paint, because now they will only be marked those indicated by the current regulations. "There were many irregularities and unevenness, as a result of the wear of the years, and that is why we decided to do this," said the Councilor for Education, Sports and Safety at Work, Eva Palau yesterday. In addition, the outside of the track will now be blue.

The game surface of Fontajau is 12 years old. It was placed at the time Akasvayu, after a rocket damaged the parquet and forced the City Council to change it urgently (with impromptu time using what was in the Palau Sant Jordi). The remodeling commissioned by the government team has consisted of polish the wood, insert the markings FIBA ​​and varnish it again. Some pieces that were damaged have also been changed, taking advantage of the fact that the City Council still had spare parts. The official premiere of the new parquet will be the Basketball Girona next week, with the friendly against the Spirou from the 4th of September (7pm) and the duel of the Catalan League LEB Silver against Hospitalet scheduled for Sunday 8 (7pm). The Spar Citylift Girona, for its part, will be able to use it for the first time coinciding with the Supercopa of Spain on September 22 against the Perfumerías Avenida (18.30). And on Saturday 28 will be able to host a first level skating competition such as Catalunya Stars, with the best specialists in the country, including the CPA Girona and the CPA Olot. Once the whole game surface is installed, he will be given a last polite to leave it prepared for the competition, in a particularly important season, with the return of the Uni to the Euroleague.

Eva Palau explained that the two clubs that use the central track of Fontajau were "supercontents" when they said they would renew the parquet "Despite the hânddicap that could not begin the pre-season there and they had to work on the secondary track". The municipal Sports Manager also explained that "this summer we have fixed the system for uploading and splitting the video recorder, which makes it easier to do this when maintenance is done". Looking ahead to next year, Eva Palau believes that the expansion of changing rooms could be extended. Now there are both great for the local teams and visitors, and four more "but the volume of activity is very large and we're fair."

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The Belenos needs 11,500 euros to play in Silver

Oxigar Belenos needs to raise 11,500 euros before tomorrow to be able to access the Division of Honor Silver, the second national category of rugby, after a club in that division has given them the place sports.

The avilesino club will have a meeting today with all the players and veterans of the club and is in contact with Fundavi to make them hinge with the institutions to facilitate the promotion of category.

"Let's see if Avilés wants to have a club in the Second Division. We are excited," said Felipe Blanco, the club's president, who clarified that it is not about buying a place but about a transfer. "We would never buy a place," said Blanco.

In addition, Blanco confirmed that he has initiated contacts to add other Asturian clubs to the project to join forces and give the final boost to the rise of the Belenos to the Silver Honor Division.



Ronaldinho is bankrupt and seized 57 properties – Canal Net Tv

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Sergio Ramos fined 250,000 euros for illegal logging

Alcobendas City Council has convened an extraordinary plenary session this Friday for thefelling of around 80 centenary oaksin a property of a company linked to the footballerSergio Ramosin the Moraleja.

Specifically, the agenda includes the "approval of the sanction imposed on Aguileña de Inversiones Sociedad Anónima for infringement of Law 8/2005 on the protection and promotion of urban trees".

Since the City Council have confirmed that it is centenary oaks, and, as Europa Press has learned, Aguileña de Inversiones is linked to the captain of the Spanish team.

The file that will be approved this Friday in the plenary gathersa fine of 250,000 eurosand the obligation ofplant the triple of felled treesin the place that says the City council, that can be or not in the property where they have been cut.

This file will be approved this Saturday possibly unanimously in the plenary session and, therefore, the sanction, since all the groups have shown their position in favor in the last days.

With the full, the administrative phase ends and it would be the Community of Madrid that could open a criminal action against property for environmental crime.


The Valencia tab to Cheryshev, Villarreal, for 6 million euros

Valencia confirmed yesterday that formalized the agreement by which the Russian international Denis Cheryshev, 28 years and who passed through Mareo, is linked to the Valencian entity until June 2022, with a termination clause of 80 million euros. Valencia and Villarreal reached an agreement for the transfer of the striker, who already played in the Mestalla team on loan last season. The valencianistas will pay 6 million euros to get the rights of the player. The Russian played half a season in Valencia, on loan from Madrid, in the 2015-16 academic year, before being acquired by Villarreal, who previously had also given him a loan.


Rafa Nadal wins the battle of ostentation with his watch of 800,000 euros

He shows it at all times. In the press room, in the training sessions and, above all, in the games. Rafel Nadal wins the battle of ostentation with its luxurious clock valued at 800,000 euros, of which there are only 49 pieces in the market. The player of Manacor is different from the rest of players, or the majority. He is one of the few who wears the watch while playing. The rest are put at the end of the game, if they are remembered, thanks to the contracts that oblige them to dress them in trophy deliveries and in the press conferences.

The Christmas watch, RM 27-03 Tourbillon, created by Richard Mille, is the most expensive on the market, with a notable difference over the rest of those who see their main rivals on the track. Thus, the Rolex GMT Master II by Roger Federer, an authentic piece of luxury made of lightweight steel and oyster shell, is priced at 12,000 euros. But, unlike Christmas, Swiss earns no less than 5.5 million euros a year to watch the clock only when it collects a trophy or in the press conferences. The relationship between the brand and the tennis player goes back to 2006. Novak Djokovic, current Wimbledon champion, Seiko Astron Solar GPS, much more modest, is worth 1,800 euros. It adapts to the time zone of each country by pressing a button.

Only 20 grams

The Christmas watch weighs twenty grams, has no gold or precious stones and is made of titanium and carbon. It was specially designed for him to carry him out while playing and resisting the strength of his right blows. Roland Garros's twelve-time winner told The Times about the clock: "I do not care if they pay me a lot and a lot. If the clock does not help me to compete at the highest level, I never take it because they have made me a special piece that adapts to my wrist. Before we work adaptation during a long season, "he said.



The Basque Team Foundation will distribute 564,000 euros among 75 athletes and technicians

The Executive Committee of the Basque Team Foundation has decided to allocate 563,750 euros to the fleet amongst 66 top athletes and 9 technicians. The number of athletes slaughtered by the Foundation will be the highest current, since these annual grants have never been so many athletes and technicians as they have so far been subjected to.

In addition to individual scholarships, the Basque Team will allocate € 318,000 to excellence in projects that will be managed by the Basque sports federations and to promote talent in the coming Olympic and paralympic appointments.

According to the Basque Team Foundation, the results and participation in the absolute category of championship, European and World Championship and Olympic Games and Paralympics are recognized for the approval or refusal of top-level individual scholarships due to the demanding assessment criteria.

In addition to financial aid, scholarships will also receive subsidies for biomedical, technical, vocational training, image and communication services, as well as grants for study and work start-up; The latest service is paying special attention to the Foundation through the process called 'Placement'.

Likewise, as regards the commitment of the Basque Team to boost gender equality and the values ​​of sportsmen and society as a model for society, athletes who are skeptical will not be racist, xenophobic, marxist or discriminatory in their opinions about women and generally will not intolerate expressions about individuals or groups. This initiative is part of the 'BAT in values' project launched by the Basque Team Foundation. The Basque Team wants to apply and disseminate sports values ​​in the company's field and education through the project.

Nine technicians

In this way, in addition to 54 Olympic athletes, 9 techniques will also receive the support of the Basque Team, and will complement 12 other sports ambassadors and will expand the Basque Team values ​​within the 'BAT in values' project.

In fact, athletes with a long tradition of Basque Team continue to be skeptical, such as Maialen Chourraut, Ander Elosegi, Iñigo Peña Canoeing, Lucas Eguibar Snowboarding, Skipper Jon Santacana, Basketball player Asier Garcia, Wheelchair and Amador Granados.

With regard to the new interns of this year, Aritz Maestu, an ice skating runner, Sea Munguira athlete, Leticia Canales and Nadia Erostarbe surfers, Lide Erbina, rugby player and Mercedes Castellanos are handball players.



Ardura leaves with a surplus of 35,000 euros

Roberto Ardura leaves the Caudal as he arrived. Proving that in the economic section is an irreproachable president. The Minister left yesterday his office to convene a presidential election in which he will not be presented and passing the partners a statement of accounts of the course that has just ended with a surplus of 35,189.73 euros.

Roberto Ardura went to the applause of about seventy partners who went yesterday to the Casa de la Cultura de Mieres to a double affiliated assembly but, above all, knowing that the one who was the highest leader of the Antuña Brothers club was going to directing his last official act as such.

"A cycle is over and I can only have words of gratitude for the partners, the sponsors and for the City Council of Mieres because they have always helped us," said Ardura, who acknowledged that "it has been a great pride for me to be president of my heart's club, my people's team and my family's team ".

The businessman from Mieres leaves the entity and does so recognizing that "the last two seasons have been hard because we did not meet the desired objectives, I would have liked to leave the Caudal in Segunda B, which is where it deserves to be, but it could not be" . Now the electoral race begins to replace Roberto Ardura. Yesterday opened the deadline for submission of candidacies to succeed the Mieres. A process that will conclude next June 25. In this assembly an electoral commission was formed that is integrated by Roberto Herrero, José María Morante Arconada and by Juan Jesús Suárez.

Those interested in submitting their candidacy have until June 25 at six in the afternoon to do so at the club's offices from 18 to 20 hours.

On this occasion everything indicates that there will be a candidate and this will be the mayor of Mieres, Luis María García, as highlighted by Ardura himself who believes that "he is a person I trust".

On the sidelines of the elections, yesterday, the partners approved the accounts of the campaign that has just ended. Which ended with 35,189.73 euros of surplus and with a total of 451,303.23 euros of income and expenses of 416,113.5 euros. In sports, the flow will continue in Third.