Eagles choose CJ CJ Henderson of Florida in FPS 2020 NFL Draft

The Philadelphia Eagles finished a well-deserved week off as the team sat 5-4 and the New England Patriots visited Linc in Week 11.

With the San Francisco 49ers, the New Orleans Saints, the Minnesota Vikings, the Seattle Seahawks and the Green Bay Packers playing so well, the NFC East will probably only have one team, Philadelphia or Dallas, representing the division in the playoffs.

Here is your current NFC ranking:
National Football Conference
San Francisco 49ers 8-0
Saints of New Orleans 7-1
Green Bay Packers 7-2
Seattle Seahawks 7-2
Minnesota Vikings 6-3
Dallas Cowboys 5-3
THE Rams 5-3
Carolina Panthers 5-3
Philadelphia Eagles 5-4
Detroit Lions 3-4-1

Even with eagles week …



Carson Wentz is the third best NFL ranking according to PFF

The Philadelphia Eagles started season 1 to 2 after several injuries and an inconsistent game in high school. The quarterback was the least of the problems with the Eagles and, according to Pro Football Focus, Carson Wentz played three weeks among the top five advertisers.

After the third week, Wentz now ranks third behind Tom Brady and the Cowboys Dak Prescott.


Armed with the best league weapons on paper coming in the year, Wentz did not have the same support cast that we expected to see. The wounded exhausted a body of deep receivers, although they showed significant playability in the first week. Wentz was better than his stats would show, mainly due to four major shots failing compared to only 17 cases for the rest. of the NFL. Wentz is fifth in the league for high throw percentage, and tied for third with a 92.9 mark on targeted shots 10 yards or more off the court.

If he did not play several balls and had to play without his two main offensive weapons, Wentz could consider even higher rankings. Seahawks Russell Wilson and Texans DeShaun Watson completed the top five. NFL's most wanted player, Patrick Mahomes, landed 6th on the list.