Reuben Foster's ex-girlfriend tells of her story - KRON4

Reuben Foster's ex-girlfriend tells of her story - KRON4

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – The woman accusing the former 49er, Reuben Foster, of domestic violence says he beat and pushed her in a Florida confrontation that led to his arrest.

KRON4's Dan Kerman spoke to Elissa Ennis, who said the team tried to discredit her when she called the Tampa police in November.

Ennis claims that when the officials arrived at the hotel, the 49ers first talked to the police.

"They said," This is the same girl who lied about him at the booth before, "she claims." She's trying to ruin his career. This is his ex-girlfriend. "

In a statement, the team said:

"The 49ers cooperated fully with the authorities, helped find Mr. Foster, and did not interfere with their investigation."

However, Ennis does not buy it. She said that the Washington Redskins, who picked up Foster from Foster after his recent arrest for alleged mistreatment, are just an indication that the NFL does not understand.

She admits that she had revoked the first time she accused Foster of abuse, but she blames the "Misadventory Syndrome" in the hope that something would change.

"I would do anything to get things going and get back into a relationship," she said.

Ennis said she knows better now and the 49ers should.

"I feel like they tried [sweep] everything that happened to me and Reuben under the rug, "she said.

The law firms of John Burris legally advise Ennis and consider whether a lawsuit against Foster or the 49ers is warranted.




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