Premier League: Liverpool's impressive early form

Premier League: Liverpool's impressive early form
  • Liverpool are celebrating their fifth win in the fifth match in the top flight of the Premier League.
  • Coach Jürgen Klopp overcomes a small trauma: He wins for the first time in Wembley.
  • Click here for the table of the Premier League.

With goalkeeping mistakes, the Liverpool know. Often enough, he has experienced in the recent past, what it feels like when a faux pas of his own goalkeeper leads to loss of points. Even Alisson Becker – whom Liverpool had committed in Rome for about 70 million euros in the summer to leave behind the mishaps of the lapsing Loris Karius and Simon Mignolet – had already conceded a goal.

In the match with the Tottenham Hotspur on Saturday, the next goalkeeper misfire led to a goal – only this time Liverpool benefited from it. In a rehearsed corner ball variant, the Reds positioned themselves in the penalty area just before the Dutch goalkeeper Michel Vorm, who represented the injured on the thigh Hugo Lloris in the Spurs. This denied Vorm, 34, in his only fifth league appearance in the past two years, the opportunity to pounce on the approaching ball. The fist defense failed him promptly, Georginio Wijnaldum headed for the lead with too little clarification.

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"That was the plan, we worked on it during training," Wijnaldum said. The goal shortly before the half-time break changed the direction of the game in favor of the Reds and should also have a decisive influence on the course of the season.

Last season, Liverpool suffered all five defeats in away games

The 2: 1 at Tottenham Hotspur Liverpool remains with his coaching team to Jürgen Klopp after five games without loss of points in the top flight of the Premier League. Although Chelsea's starting record of nine wins from nine games in the 2005-06 season is still a long way off, the success of the traditional club on the River Mersey proves that it can defeat the immediate competition for the English championship abroad as well. That was really, really good, if you win against Tottenham, that's a great result, "Klopp said:" That was our best game of the season, the performance was so much better than the result I am very proud of my players. "

In the previous season, Liverpool suffered the five defeats each in third place, four of them in the duels with the best-placed clubs in the league. The results against Manchester City (0: 5), Tottenham (1: 4), Manchester United (1: 2) and Chelsea (0: 1) cost the Reds sometimes the league win after 28 years. One year ago, defense power on the ride to London was the most painful, as Tottenham revealed the lack of cohesion in the defense. The defensive chaos accelerated Liverpool's drive to improve resilience with high-profile reinforcements.

The final minutes left out – in which Liverpool after the connecting goal by Erik Lamela (93.) briefly wobbled – impressed especially the harmony in the central defense between Virgil van Dijk and Joe Gomez. Although the Spurs, with Harry Kane and Lucas Moura, have one of the best attack duos, Liverpool kept them on a short leash. Only in the great opportunity to equalize by Moura Gomez tricked (50th) before Roberto Firmino took the second goal for Liverpool tension from the game (54). The Spurs to coach Mauricio Pochettino remain by the second defeat in a row behind the top of the table. "Is this a hard time?" Pochettino asked annoyed at the press conference to give the answer: "Listen, do not worry about me, I'm fine, so good, do not bother with me!"


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