Neymar tells Manchester City star why he has to play in the Premier League - Mirror Online

Neymar tells Manchester City star why he has to play in the Premier League - Mirror Online

Neymar has apparently suggested that one day he must play in the Premier League if he is to be considered a great player.

The Parisian Saint-Germain superstar is closely linked to the change of his former club Barcelona and his rival Real Madrid, although he seemed to suspect that England is a favorite destination in a new video interview.

On his official YouTube channel, Neymar spoke questions from various football stars, including his former team-mate from Barcelona, ​​Luis Suarez, and Brazil's international counterpart, Gabriel Jesus.

When Manchester City's team-mate Benjamin Mendy asks about a possible move to the Premier League, Neymar was clearly in his response.

Mendy asked Neymar the question

The Brazilian spoke of his Premier League dream

"Answer me sincerely," Mendy asks. "Do you think you'll play in the Premier League someday?"

"It's a big competition," replies Neymar. "One of the biggest in the world.

"We do not know what tomorrow will be like, but I think every great player has to play at least one day in the Premier League.

"If you play there, I hope you can continue to enjoy the Premier League because you only deserve the best! Hugs! Thanks!"

He recently met Liverpool in the Champions League

Of the Premier League clubs, only Mendy and Jesus City may have the resources to move the 26-year-old.

Neymar talked about the Premier League this season in September, predicting that current leaders City will win.

"Who will attend? Woah, that's hard, "he said.

"It is very difficult, it is very difficult, but Manchester City will win it.

"Second is United, third is Chelsea. Fourth, Tottenham. "

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