Masters - Federer comes to rescue Zverev after picking up an adventure and whistles

Masters - Federer comes to rescue Zverev after picking up an adventure and whistles

Alexander Zverev, the man said "sorry" after a great victory. Roger Federer's logical winner in the half-birth of the Masters, Saturday in London (7-5, 7-6), is that the success of the German is completely due to the reaction of the public, on his post-win speech. He was a great reality as one of his best career games and qualified for his first final.

The audience did not want to stop point, with full play, at the end of the second round, at 4-3 in favor of Federer for the Zverev service. Why? When a collector sees a ball drop and get it to the court. Subsequently, the game, a moment of great cushion, even the German's cause of excuses. Bad on his sneakers, the 5th world said "pardon" repeatedly in real fun, he was entitled to claim it perfectly.

When the court was delighted after its victory, Zverev took a whistle salad especially when the community heard, instead of causing Federer, the word "victory." And there were only scattered whips, but a huge bronze. Which left the German without talking for several seconds. Given the seriousness of the platforms, there are other audiences, they gave praise to Federer's execution.

"I hope people will understand that I have not done anything wrong"

"I was a little sad because of the whistles and the reaction of the audience, he reacted the second time in the press this time, maybe they did not understand well. What happened," said the man with three titles in the Masters 1000. "I was very bad in the playground, I will not lie to you, I hope people will understand that I will not do anything wrong and they will not be a whistle in the final."
Alexander Zverev organized an audience at 02 Arena after his two-time success against Roger Federer at MastersGetty Images
Despite the defeat, Federer did not find anything wrong with Zverev's explanations. The world number 3 looked to even try and I was sorry that the epidermis reaction was on the crowd. "It's a shame, it's not happy that Zverev is that." At the web, he apologized, "I said to her, Coverings, you do not have to apologize, you are right." what should the referee be better at this time at this time? ", said Swiss." I hope he will not be happy on Sunday, I realize the frustration of the community, but he needs to understand that it's just a bad situation, I do not like when we see, we see it in sports but in tennis, it's something rare, but it's very straight and it's very personal. "

Federer praised even his day's execution, who was at risk of stopping the stop at that time. Since Zverev, the chairman referee – Carlos Bernardes Brazil had his eyes – during quality and not the collector involved. "I'm not questioning Sasha's sport in any way, it's an important decision because the referee could say exactly," Sorry, I will not see anything. "The referee's decision It is the point to be re-examined and to be sure that he had all the information in his possession. "

"It was normal to rewrite the point, but it was influenced by"

The Balois commented on his discussion with the collector collector: "I asked him if he was coming to dinner, I did not ask him if he had let the ball out. There's no problem, it's not so important, it's a life, it's a sport. "
Carlos Bernardes and Roger Federer in the MastersGetty 1/2 Images
Due to the importance of the time, Federer, who was in dispute during this exchange at 4-3, was one of the few points in which he was putting his opponents in trouble for his commitment – he was not unfamiliar: " The point was normal, but he had a definite impact: I took an ace, "he explained. Zverev in this direction went a bit wrong. "I think it would be disrupted so it could not."

There was an old ball-collector in the early years of this year, and Federer, who had the humor of their worries, despite his circumstances, remembered whether he was in the collector's position pity "I do not remember, but I probably did." With a little humor, we answer all the problems. Even "diplomatic events".

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