"Inter" fans made pogrom in the "Juventus" field and the steering dropped off the podium

December 8, 2018 09:40
/ Italy

Milano pogrom fans in the 15th round of Italian Serie A with Juventus (0: 1), according to La Gazzetta dello Sport. According to the publication, a "Between" fan was placed on a number of seats at the stadium "Allianz – Juventus", damaged toilets, and the stadium official pushed off the stands. It is reported that the fans, which pushed the female steering from the podium, already have recordings of surveillance cameras. It is noted that the events involved the fact that some fans were prevented from entering the stands due to tickets issued by other people's names. Other fans decided to leave the stadium in protest, but before they made a pogrom.
Juventus will not continue in this game in the Italian Championship. Wards Massimiliano Allegri made 15 goals and 14 pounds scores. "Between" suffered the second defeat in the last four.

Target Mandzhukicha helped with Juventus over the Italian Championship


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