The Libertadores Cup Superfinal went from the opinion of football to climate change. Everything focused on the rainfall and conditions of the playing field, but among the uncertainties that the storm created, the Boca stadium could have an end to a tragedy. The Bombonera's metallic structure came in a way and dropped from the third tray to the middle plate. And thanks to the bad weather conditions, the sector was empty and there was no need for sorry injuries. The metal structure that fell into the central places. Credit: Radio Mitre. It is a metal structure used to provide cameras for television broadcasts. The scene was recorded in the images taken by Radio Mitre, which the assigned cabin was one of the closest to the crash site. "The third tray of the Bombonera fell as part of the television mangrullo structure in front of our cabins. Unfortunately in that sector of the audience there was no one," they said from the signal. .


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