He swam around Great Britain

He swam around Great Britain

Ross Edgley, a 33-year-old Briton, is not at his first attempt at records. Accustomed to thrills and eager to test the limits of the human body, this man from Lincolnshire connects sports performances as unusual as impressive.

Among his feats of action, he completed a marathon by pulling a 1.4-ton car, climbing a rope for 24 hours on a height equivalent to Everest (8,848 m) and completed the first "tree" -athlon ", an Olympic triathlon with a 45 kg log on the back.

But it's another challenge for the adventure lover to tackle lately. 1st June 2018, the 30-year-old leaves on the Margate beach in south-east Britain and embarks on a swim to the island. It was in the middle of the jellyfish, salt water that attacked his tongue, and while suffering from friction burns on the neck, that Ross spent 5 months at sea. He alternated 6-hour swimming sessions ( 40,000 movements) and rest periods on a boat following it. Despite his preparation, it was impossible for him to consider all the potential risks. He had to impose two forced rest on the boat when the storms Callum and Ali swept the waters.

5 months at sea

Matt Knight, the captain of the boat, testifies to the stubbornness of the character "I knew that the feat was possible, but only someone exceptional could achieve it. Someone who would be able to endure anything Mother Nature could do to him. " The swimmer broke the record for the longest time spent in the open sea, a record held so far by Benoît Lecompte who crossed the Atlantic Ocean in 73 days in 1998.

On Sunday, November 4, the record holder (re) walked the beach he had left 5 months earlier. Nearly 400 swimmers had made the trip to accompany and encourage the swimmer in his last efforts. He finally reached his goal at 8:40 in front of a packed beach where hundreds of people had gathered to greet the performance.

Ross does not come back himself that he has reached the end of this adventure "I have trouble telling me that I got there! I was very naive at first […]there were times when I really doubted. What I feel for the moment is pride, fatigue and incredible relief.

Ross will be able to get some rest (well deserved) from his family and friends before heading back to new challenges.

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