To say how long Baptiste Serin has found the long time since his tenure against Japan, in November 2017, it is enough to listen to him evoke, in a spatio-temporal lapse of time, the match he "lived there two years ". It must be said that the scrum half of Union Bordeaux Bègles (UBB) judges have spent a last season "zero".

At 24 and 20 caps, he finally returns to the track after seeing Parra, Machenaud, Dupont and Couilloud double in the hierarchy of numbers 9 tricolor. "I saw guys passing me without playing too much, that's what bothered me the most, he confided last week on the sidelines of the gathering of the Blues Marcoussis. I felt helpless. "

At the price of a sacred challenge, Serin has found its lost assets. The rocking was done during the summer tour in New Zealand where he promised himself to "nothing to calculate" and "darken". "Jacques (Brunel) had said to me: find your spontaneity, get speed everywherehe adds. So, I was released. If it turns out that the three meetings started by Parra are "angry" it is in his eyes "the result (Note: three defeats) did not reflect at all what we had shown.

Untouchable at ping-pong

Antoine Dupont's spectacular comeback in early October after a long knee injury left Jacques Brunel with Camille Lopez for a moment. Finally, the coach has privileged Serin. "He has a very good start to the season, he has accumulated a lot of games, he has achieved quality benefits, he says. Dupont resumed late, following an injury. I prefer a scenario with someone who has accumulated a little experience and another who can come in and unlock situations. "

Witness to the daily recovery of his partner, Jefferson Poirot, the tricolor left pillar, is pleased that all his work "is validated by a tenure". He adds: "This is a player who has really changed from last season: on leadership, what he brings to others, his ability to say what is going well or not. It gives him a lot of confidence and it allows him to play at his real level. "

Before joining Toulon, next season, Serin intends to validate his progress with the XV of France. He will also have to settle a little internal detail: "At ping-pong, I'm going to ask for rounds because by giving lessons …"


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