Financial Fairplay: Strong signal against financial doping

Financial Fairplay: Strong signal against financial doping

The Uefa wants to work harder against rule violations in football. This is bad for clubs like Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City – but also for Fifa boss Infantino.

Comment by Thomas Kistner

Something dry reads at first glance, what the European Football Union Uefa has now announced its Financial Fair Play Program (FFP): that this led to a "significant" recovery of club finances in Europe and the deplorable total debt of European clubs from 1.7 billion euros in 2011 to a hefty profit of 600 million euros in 2017.

That sounds very enjoyable, especially if you compare the recent news on FFP – and that's exactly what this Uefa declaration in its own right is about. Recently, in the course of Football Leaks, it was revealed that, and in 2014, then Uefa Secretary-General Gianni Infantino said that two major clubs that had blatantly violated the FFP rules were said to have bypassed the relevant bodies and due sanctions: Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City. Both are in the hands of Arab ruling clans.

It would take clubs that complain

The "Football Leaks" show just how much Fifa boss Infantino once protected PSG and ManCity. But damaged clubs have a handle.

Comment by Thomas Kistner

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Praise for the FFP, which has just been revoked in such an outrageous way: Is now also the new Uefa, after the affaires umtosten term under the suspended since 2015 ex-president Michel Platini and under Infantino, the scandal noodle on the Fifa throne, in the industry standard whitewashing?

Now the experts have to work

Chamber. Embedded in their general considerations, the Uefa makes an explosive announcement: "If new information is known, which are relevant for an FFP assessment, then they will use this," to question the numbers and the association concerned for explanation, clarification or to ask for refutation ". And: If this information shows "that previously completed cases were abused, these cases can be reopened". In plain English: Infantinos benefits from Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City, whose financial doping is obvious according to the file, will probably be rolled up again.

This is a strong sign of the Uefa. She wants to maintain the course taken under President Aleksandar Ceferin back to old seriousness. And in logic, that means breaking everywhere with the Infantino / Platini era, where massive inconsistencies occur.

Infantino's tenure as Secretary General in the European Union was a profoundly gloomy one, not just because of the FFP special treatment for the super-rich. For example, the massive allegations of allegations surrounding the awarding of the 2012 European Football Championship to Ukraine and Poland remained unsolved. They were abducted instead of worked up by the then Uefa leadership. However, today is another Uefa in action, which also showed the ultimately smooth course of the politically delicate candidate duel Germany / Turkey for the European Championship 2024.

But as far as the FFP-Nachuntersuchung is concerned: The Uefa has opened the door wide, now the professionals have ran. These are the people who were circumvented so boldly according to 2014 file by Infantino. And those who had protested then, albeit too quietly.

"Important to sift through this store now"

The Federal Prosecutor's Office in Bern investigates against the World Football Association – but entanglements between the prosecutors and the Fifa boss raise questions.

By Johannes Aumüller and Thomas Kistner



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