A former PS deputy, Malek Boutih has also been a director of the PSG Foundation for several years. Interviewed on Tuesday morning by Audrey Crespo-Mara on Europe 1, he went back for a long time to the ethnic indexing affair put in place by some recruiters of the PSG, in order to restore the image of the club of the capital.

"Yes, I'm going to defend PSG," says Malek Boutih. Sometimes you have to face the truth. It's one of the most committed clubs in the fight for respect. For 15 years, I have been working with a Foundation that is very discreet. PSG is a club that invests its money for the suburbs, not to make footballers, but in school support. And all of a sudden, we put him in the court of racism. Sometimes, the best is the enemy of good. "

The former president of SOS Racism then takes the defense of the leaders. "There are people who have bullshit. There are many people who, in their ways of working have their little tricks. Even you journalists have ways of working that are not in the instructions of Europe 1. These little things to them that these recruiters had, it was a task. I like football because it's not perfect. If there is a trial to be made in terms of integration and diversity, it may not be football that needs to be done. OK, there are many things to improve, but we must highlight what everyone does positive. And the PSG is a beautiful showcase for France. "


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