Javier Hernandez could do little in the crushing defeat suffered by West Ham on Anfield Road, faced a heavyweight like Liverpool and the duel ended with a lapidary 4-0. The 'Chicharito' entered the 61 ', when the win was already completed, and did not even have any clear opportunity to mark, his team did not supply him and he sailed in with his dose of effort and intensity that did nothing to attenuate the result. The Reds showed their dominance from the first minutes, they closed the rival, they tied it in area, they suffocated it with and without the ball, until at 19 ', Andrew Robertson put a center measured to second post so that Salah only will come to sign. The tonic did not change at any time and even the figure of Fabianski increased after stopping a "Pharaoh" shot and Firmino's free kick shot. The Hammers' defense looked spectator, did not anticipate or coordinate and that took advantage of perfection the local picture. At 45 'Robertson sent another center to second post, James Milner came attentive to recenter, sweeping, so that Sadio Mané could define without any problems. The Senegalese player himself put the 3-0 at 52 'with a half turn in the one that was out of place, but it was not pointed out and in the Premier League there is no VAR. For then Manuel Pellegrini decided to send the field to' Chicharito '61', but did not shelter him, did not give him tools so he could get close to the opposite goal, Javier ran and ran, but at all times he did it behind the ball, that is, pressing the rival's exit or looking for some error in the rear. His team was so cracked between the lines that all they wanted was to defend themselves as it was. It was in the 87th minute that Mohamed Salah left the field of play between a loud ovation, instead Daniel Sturridge entered, and with a few seconds he managed 4- 0 definitive catapult to Liverpool as one of the favorites in the Premier and the Champions, while the 'Chicharito' and West Ham will have an arduous fight in their traditional struggle not to descend.


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