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Kyle Lowry says that their preparations vs DeMarcus Cousins ​​heroes will not change Kevin Durant's status

The Toronto Americans will be ready for the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals, regardless of whether Kevin Durant and DeMarcus Cousins ​​play.

Prior to their meeting with former NBA champions, the quiet guardian of Kyle Lowry stressed that they are not preparing against the Dubs with the idea that KD or Coursins will play. He said that they are preparing for the staff available to the heroes and stressed that they will make the necessary adjustments where necessary.

Durant was controlled from Game 1 already because of the right calf type he had in the second round against Houston rockets. Meanwhile, DeMarcus Cousins ​​is listed as a suspicious question with a torn quad. While it may play because of its status, it is not expected that the great former man All-Star will provide meaningful minutes to the heroes in the light of his time on the lines.

The Editors will try to make use of the two main players of Warriors, but Lowry and Co. certainly know. their work will not yet be easy. After all, Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, Klay Thompson was more than enough for the Dubs to reach the Portland Blasters in the Western Congress Championships.

It is also worth noting that the Dubs are well able to spend a nine-day break before the NBA Championships. At least, the birds of prey will benefit from the domestic court from its last set.

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Mychal Thompson compares the son of Klay Thompson with the colleague Laker 1980s James Worthy

Mychal Thompson, who has James Worthy as a Los Angeles Lakers staff member in the 1980s, knows what Klay Thompson is doing.

In an article by Tim Kawakami from the Athletic, Mychal Thompson talked about Klay Thompson in a unique way – not as a father to a son who is playing the NBA third title directly to the Golden State Warriors, but as a member of the NBA Dynasty with the Lakers who recalls what he was playing under the umbrella of icons.

Mychal Thompson told Kawakami about the 1980s Laker player who can easily compare with Klay Thompson:

James Worth-Klay Thompson's comparison is largely unknown. It is well worth playing in Magic and Kareem shadows, while Klay plays in the shadows of Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant. Even with Warrant's offline Durant, most NBA experts and people within the Warrior organization said that Draymond Green is the second most important member of the Dubs (behind Steph).

Klay is the third… but that's not a klay. It is an indication of how high Steph and Draymond are laying the bar – Steph as a transformative shooter, Dray as a revolutionary defender with remarkable flexibility.

Yes, James Worthy produced 36 points, 16 rebounds, and helps 10 with a winning Game 7 of the 1988 NBA Championship for the Lakers against the Detroit Pistons. Klay eventually arrives in the Basketball Hero Hall, but Worthy tracked the Lakers more and was the second most important player (behind Magic) on the 1988 title team, when Kareem was slowing down. Klay was not a great warrior during this race … but this does not mean that it was not short, dynamic, and essential for this golden age for the Golden State.

Klay Thompson has a place in the history of the complex NBA. His father and many others understand why.

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Marc Gasol speaks about what it means to be a championship competition without picking a roster on the roster

Toronto birds of prey are the first team in 50 years to reach the NBA finals without selecting top-10 play, and Marc Gasol believes that he speaks a lot about the NBA Draft.

Gasol is based on one of the best men of his generation. It is a three-hour All-Star and even won the NBA's Defense of the Year Player in 2013, which exceeded expectations when it was drawn up in the second round back in 2007.

Now proceeding to the NBA Championships with the birds of prey to face the Golden State Warriors, the Spanish center speaks about what it means to be a team that took players outside the draft lottery.

In fact, a draft job does not show a ceiling player. These are proof of these birds, and the superstar drafted Kawhi Leonard even the 15th back in 2011.

These heroes are also familiar with the second integrity to bloom in bonus superstar. Draymond Green is a pan-Star and former defense player of the year, drafted by Dubs in 2012 with the 35th overall option. Moreover, it has been crucial in the three Golden State championship rings over the past four years.

Toronto will certainly be able to show that it is not the only way to build a championship team, and that they will have the opportunity to do so in the Finals.

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Bernard King needs RJ Barrett in New York

Bernard King, NBA Hall of Famer and New York legend, believes that RJ Barrett will be suitable for the Knickerbockers.

The pick is complete at the Knicks in the 2019 NBA Draft, and shows all signs that they are drafting Barrett if it is available. King seems to support the idea of ​​getting Duke Blue Devils forward, saying RJ could play well alongside Kevin Knox in the coming year.

“It's a great talent for an inclusive game,” says King with Marc Berman of The New York Post. “He could put the ball on the floor and he has a high basketball IQ. It runs very well and is a good scorer. Today's basketball is relentless. You can have two men on the floor as Barrett and Kevin. ”

Barrett had an incredible year with the Duke playing with Zion Williamson. Obviously the Barrett who is 18 years old can get a score, as he posted an average of 22.6 points on shooting 45.4 percent in his solo year with the Blue Devils. He put up 7.6 rebounds and helps 4.3 with each game.

Of course, the Knicks had expected the overall picking No. Landing in the NBA Draft 2019, which filled Williamson. However, New York should be very happy to be choosing a third, considering how NBA Lottery went this year.

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Aron Baynes admits that Boston did not buy into a fantastic system; Brad Stevens

The players on the Boston Celtics were quite quiet since they were removed from the playoffs a few weeks ago. Besides Terry Rozier's appearance on ESPN's First Taken, everyone kept their silence on the thing that went wrong for the team this season. Aron Baynes felt that this silence was too great.

Baynes decided to speak up about one of the most disappointing seasons in Celtics history. In his interview with CLNS Adam Kaufman, he said that the team was not making the biggest mistake of buying into the system of principal coaches Brad Stevens.

“Brad certainly has a great system. I really believe what Brad wants us to do. I have seen how good a coach is. I have seen how much it improves guys abilities when they are playing for him. ”

The Stevens system worked initially, as the Celtics went to the East Conferencing Championships in 2018 without Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward, their biggest proceeds at the start of that season. Aron Baynes was part of this roster.

However, when the two men came back from injury, the Celtics difficulties began. Aron Baynes noted this.

“I think there have been times when we haven't bought it completely and we hurt it. Because, when we lived within the Salmon system, we are very determined and very similar, we are very good and we did the right things. ”

It seemed that Celtics had been pretending in 2019 play games when they broke the Indiana Pacers in the first round and that they won the sequence sequence of the Eastern Conferences against the Milwaukee Bucks… but that's it.

Whatever chemistry the Celtics had during the first five games of the season. They were playing as they met for the first time, and the Bucks took advantage of them, easing them on both floors and sending them home soon.

Now, the Celtics will have many questions into the season. One thing is certain: The person working with the team next season will have to adjust to the overall success of the team.

That said, Aron Baynes certainly raised some eyebrows by saying that the team did not trust his coach as much as he should have been. It is worth examining the implications of this for the free agency in the coming weeks.

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LeBron James, Russell Westbrook, Chris Paul, Tristan Thompson kick it at James' house

John, john, john, joj, joj, joj, ron 2005 2005 2005 2005 B Ange Ange Ange, ron Russell Westbrook, Chris Paul and Tristan Thompson joined the fun.

According to a recent post by Bron on his Snapchat feed, the Los Angeles Lakers' legendary forward is some of his good friends:

Chris Westbrook, Chris Paul and Tristan Thompson. T NBA players of all time. NBA players of all time.

VinoUncorked, the Twitter. T in California. t

I want to get included in his upcoming Space Jam 2 film. Can be used to make the most of the breast.

It is somehow “lesser” than Michael Jordan – a little different, film-related fashion.

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Bronny James reaches 100K trailers in 51 minutes, thanks to Dad's bakery

LeBron James's eldest son, Bronny James Jr, is beginning to gain popularity on social media.

He recently created an Instagram account and was able to get 100,000 followers less than an hour after his father shouted out.

Bronny is just 14 years old and still in high school, but Instagram's career with 100k followers will play a key role. His father has used social media to share his opinion on urgent issues including racism and politics in the United States, and encouraged other athletes to express their views.

Of course, Bronny doesn't have to worry about that yet. The right thing to do is to study and reinforce AAU. But it will only be a few years before he goes to college, where he is expected to have a five star prospect.

It is hoped that Bronny will have enough pressure from here moving forward, as there are people who will compare it with his father immediately. LeBron James is one of the greatest players ever to play a basketball game, which means Bronny must be absolutely perfect to overcome his father's legacy.

LeBron has worked hard to keep his children out of the media, and Bronny will be a great help to him as he begins to build his career not only as an athlete but also as a significant figure.

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Kyle Lowry believes Danny Green will be fine in the NBA Championship

Despite the fact that Danny Green failed to influence his series compared to the Milwaukee Bucks, Kyle Lowry is still optimistic that his Toronto Raptors will find teammate out in the NBA Championships.

There is no intention that the Norwegians are serious undergraduates against the Golden State heroes. However, Lowry is confident that Green will be able to shoot a shot.

“I think it's a new set. (The last row) with… Danny will be fine. In Game 1 he will be ready to go, ”said Lowry, a year Josh Lewenberg from The Sports Network.

It is exciting to see that Lowry is not concerned about Green's current difficulties. Most importantly, there is certainly a good reason for optimism about a potential revival.

Green acquires himself in the fact that he is back in the NBA Finals. He is currently the finalist for the top 3-point percentages in a seven-game series after shooting 55 per cent from depth in 2013 with San Antonio Spurs. The atmosphere of the championship may be what he needs to find his rhythm.

Green was his normal fatal person during the year following the completion of the regular season of 45.5 per cent from a 3-point territory. Unfortunately, it went cold ice as soon as the plays started and it became even worse against the Bougs during the Eastern Conference Championships. He finished the series by shooting just 17.4 percent from the field and 15.1 percent from over the arc.

There are few instances where this Poultry Team can be surprised by the women's champion. It is safe to say that Green is all effective on both sides of the floor.

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Steve Kerr requires Stephen Curry to win MVP finals

The star Stephen State Warriors is recognized as one of the best players in the history of the NBA. In his 10 year career, he has already achieved almost everything. He knocked down and broke six records, made him all-star multiple, he won the regular MVP season twice, and the NBA championship three times in the past four years.

However, it seems that one thing is missing from basketball resume: the Finals MVP award.

Curry is not as big as adding the trophy collection, and Warriors' chief coach, Steve Kerr, believes Steph wants to win it. However, he also knows that the main thing to win is the aggravated guard.

When the Warriors won the championship in 2015, he continued with Andre Iguodala who won the MVP honors finals. Kevin Durant then won it in 2017 and 2018. However, with the first of them already at the end of his career and the second of them injured, it is a great opportunity for Curry to graduate and win one.

It won't be easy yet, as Draymond Green and Klay Thompson are expected to emerge in great time. The two players were great since the Western League semi-final. Also, the two players are not selected in any of the All-NBA teams, which means they will also want to create themselves in the Finals.

As Kerr said, Curry does not remember winning the MVP finals at all. What is more important to him is the trophy of the championship, which will never change. After all, that is they are working hard for every season.

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Anthony Davis, David Griffin, meeting Trajan Langdon on Monday

New Orleans Pelicans executive vice president of basketball operations.

Griffin and Langdon will try to persuade Davis to change his mind about trading at the Pelicans.

The Pelicans won the Draft Lottery and will select the full option No. 1 in the Draft NBA 2019, which is on 20 June. and Jrue Holiday.

Davis has left one year on his contract with the Pelicans. It can be a free agent in summer 2020 when it rejects its 2020-21 player choice. The Palestinians need not have to pay tribute to their HR trading application, but there would be a risk of losing it without anything unless they are trading with it.

Davis played in 56 game this season. Star average of six times was 25.9 points, 12.0 rebounds, 3.9 and 2.4 block. Griffin has a strong relationship with Davis agent, Rich Paul from Klutch Sports. Paul, of course, stands for a small star Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James.

It is widely believed that Davis wants to trade to the Lakers so that he will be able to play with James. Another team is The New York Knicks who Davis does not report to play.

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