BVB-Star on the bench built by Watzke Götze in defense

BVB-Star on the bench built by Watzke Götze in defense

Mario Götze (26) has been successful in announcing this hat. Against Frankfurt (3: 1), Lucien Favre (60) coach left for the third time after a row in the Bundesliga 90 minutes on the bench. The most exciting question: Will Götze is the first important group contest at the Champions League at Bruges (Tuesday, 21 clocks) again but "bank employee"? BVB Boss Watzke now reacts again. The BVB Boss Hans-Joachim Watzke (58) Götze is more in defense and has been shown before him: "Just leave Mario alone Watzke is sure:" I know it's still important for us. I also know what Lucien Favre thinks about – many. We still have enough games and will help us with their skills. "
Champion World Lothar Matthäus (57) praised Götze to change clubs because of their role as a valuable joker: "There were two different clubs from Mario from the World Cup 2014 and it was under various coaches – so it's not the coach." Matthew Written on: "Mario is currently missing the standard and the right position. As a figure eight, he has no defensive characteristics. And Lucien Favre has nine and a half, as he explained once." Phrases that pulled the head to the BVB bosses. But they did not want to comment on them. Watzke is not worried that Götze will now be hanging because of his role as a noble joker. On the contrary: "Mario is doing everything right, it's very focalistic, offers, it does not allow up and it's an important part of the team." I hope he can show it soon on the pitch! , The

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