Álvarez meets a win against Golovkin

Álvarez meets a win against Golovkin

Sunday, 16.09.2018
12:42 clock

Saúl "Canelo" Álvarez is the global boxing champion in the weight department. The 28-year-old Mexican met the "GGG" Gaila Kazakh Gennady just on points before 21,965 audiences in Las Vegas on Sunday night. After fourteen rounds, the opponents opposed each other, the judges scored Dave Moretti and Steve Weisfeld 115: 113 d 'Alvarez. The third judge brought Glenn Feldman (114: 114).

As for Mexico, the 50th victory in the 53th was a professional fight. On the other hand, Golovkin suffered first of his professional career after 38 winning and pulling. In addition, the record failed to refuse: With victory or traction, the Scotsman would have defended his world title for the 21st time – more often than any other weight in the history of boxing. With 20 title protection, it is equivalent to Bernard Hopkins.

Both land has more than 200 hits

When the World Cup was running, there was much talk about how much Golovkin and Álvarez lost each other. The reason for this was the controversial pull in its first League a year ago and the planned revival was revived after the May revival after Mexico positively affirmed the prohibited cure Clenbuterol, which is also used in fat cattle.

In the ring, he developed a thrilling duel, in which Golovkin was a little more active, and Alvarez had a slightly higher hit rate. Both of them covered brutal punches themselves, bringing them all over 200 to the end. When the last guy sounded, there was no sign of hatred there. The boxers were in their arms and celebrating their great performance.

Golovkin (r.), Álvarez

After the verdict, only allowed Mexico. "I really appreciate the victory," Alvarez said immediately after the fight. "I'm very happy, it's a big boxer, but I've proved so strong and it's a clear victory." Golovkin was already leaving the ring at this time.

Officially, he wanted to get into the cabin as quickly as possible to get eight bits due to cut eye injury. The Kazakh also disappointed because he saw himself as the winner. "I do not want to comment on the result," said Golovkin later. "The judges confirmed that it was the Canelo winner, that is today, I think it was a good fight for the fans and I think I did better than I was."

"Then we will repeat it"

Abel Sanchez, a coach Golovkin, who had been rebelling against Alvarez in advance and described him as a tragedy because of the positive doping tests, took the verdict. "The judges have been very successful," said Sanchez, looking forward to a great deal. "It was very close and the decision so close that the third fight is justified."

It is likely that there will be another replacement really. First, because there are discussions about the points of the first two duels, but also because it would be a fight, with the most money that everyone involved. The first edition already recorded in September 2017 more than 100 million US dollars (86 million euros). Repeater is likely to have higher sales.

As a result, the third edition is not against the boxers. "Of course, I would like to fight again," said Golovkin. "The conditions must be correct, but I want to recover my belts, I think it's a champion, but it's also a champion, the fight was two-sided, and exactly what will be again when we meet again. "

Álvarez is ready to complete a potential triology: "If fans want another round, we will do it again."

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