eThere was no evil intent behind the last little pinprick, which Lucien Favre missed out on at the end of a gorgeous football party. The coach of Borussia Dortmund sat at the press conference, he tried to describe the table image. Of course, he knew that his Dortmund were first. "Gladbach is second," he continued, then he became uncertain. "Who's number three?" Favre asked.

Ah, of course, the Bavarians, at least until Sunday afternoon. The small dialogue with journalists seemed as if the Swiss would consider the record champions after this memorable 3-2 victory of his BVB over the Munich just as any competitor among many. But it was probably just the beguiling substances in the trainer's bloodstream that obscured the clarity of the mind.

Even an hour after the final whistle most of Dortmund were still in a happy rush, everywhere was sung and celebrated. The good old "Who becomes German Champion, BVB Borussia" is after a few years in the Mottenkiste again a great hit in Dortmund. But Favre did not like to speak of the championship at first, but he raved about a "totally crazy game", and came to a realization that will linger a little longer than the sweet feelings of happiness. "Bayern was strong as maybe never this season," he said, the victory for BVB was still "earned".

This is truly an astounding finding: Bayern Munich played stronger on Matchday 11 than in any other matches before and still deserved to lose. This has not happened for many years. "That was the Bayern, as you expect, we have today proved that we have a really good team," confirmed even the Munich CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, but for these fast-moving opponents of Bayern as Rummenigge is expected currently just not good enough. Twice they had led to Robert Lewandowski's goals (26th and 52nd minute), but the Dortmunders had somehow "the feeling of more air", Captain Marco Reus reported.

The physical superiority of this young team became a decisive factor in the second half. The striking lack of pace Bayern could not compensate for a good day shape. "The enormous quality of the Dortmunder in Umschaltspiel has made the difference," said Mats Hummels, who was repeatedly overrun. And the second key factor of the evening named Sebastian Kehl, the head of the licensing players department, as he emphasized the "extremely strong will performance" of the Dortmund.

After the break, the BVB has actually broken the resistance of highly determined Munich, the increasing assurance that such a thing is possible, pushed the players. Marco Reus, who missed three giant opportunities and still the 1: 1 penalty (49) and the 2: 2 scored with a highly complicated direct victory (67), had "really fun" in this "great game", its whole drama then culminated in a spectacular final phase. Alcácer had scored to 3-2 (73), the Bayern threw everything forward, in added time Lewandowski even managed the 3: 3. For a brief moment the humans in black and yellow drove a terrible shock in the bones, but the Polish striker was offside. Thus, the lead of BVB after almost a third of the season has actually grown to an enormous seven points.

Dortmund out of hand after the victory over Bayern.


Even Michael Zorc, the sporting director with the prudent nature, at most hesitantly contradicted, when he was asked whether the Dortmund are now favorites for the title. "We have the eleventh match day and we are a very young troupe," he said, "we have to grow, learn, go, but that was an enormous step for us." Nothing indicates that these Dortmund break in, because beyond the superior With great speed and good mentality, this ensemble is inspired by this magical feeling, which has already made so many great successes possible in the history of team sport: the joy of daily interaction. "I just feel comfortable with the other teammates, we have a lot of fun, work very well as a team," said Reus to the question of the background of his strong personal form.

Bayern misses this winging force, in Munich they go with failed press conferences, Super League debates, moles and Instagram news from player women on the nerves. As a release, this evening will not be good despite the good performance.



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