Meet the 10-year-old from Roca who was runner-up in her first Judo National

Her father’s passion and dedication influenced Lucía Yoiris, who since the age of four has participated in the spaces of the discipline and on May 21 obtained the runner-up in his first Judo National that was held in Formosa.

The National Judo Championship was held at the Cincuentenario sports center in the city of Formosa from May 18 to 21 with the presence of 1,200 athletes from all over Argentina.

Lucia Yoiris, At just 10 years old, he participated in the championship for the first time and obtained second place in the B-34 kg children’s category. The judoka traveled to represent the province along with seven members of the Club Del Progreso discipline.

«My dad taught me the sport. At the age of four he took me to a class, I liked it and I began to understand what it was like“, Lucía expressed in dialogue with the RÍO NEGRO newspaper.

Despite her young age, the little he always knew it was a sport he wanted to practice. The influence of his father, Ariel Yoiris, who is a 6th DAN teacher, his classmates and teachers helped him begin to improve and internalize.

«I have been practicing judo since I was seven years old and I have been a Sensei for 31 years. ANDn house there are Judo books everywhere, she naturally turned to the sport. It started as a game and then it began to practice in a more real way,” said Ariel Yoiris, the little girl’s father.

According to the requirement for a girl of her age, the judoka trains three times a week and spends at least two hours in each training. However, he indicated that sometimes he stays for the training of “the greats” when an important tournament approaches, such as the Nacional.

«I prepared myself with a lot of emotion and training a lot, otherwise I would not have finished second. Everything was possible thanks to my classmates and teachers»

This year, The Argentine Judo Confederation designated Formosa as the venue for the National tournament that took place from May 18 to 21 at the Cinquantenario stadium with the presence of more than 1500 athletes.

To reach the final, Lucia wrestled three times. In the first she won, in the second she lost, and in the third she won. «In the last fight of my weight I could have finished first if a girl from Neuquén won«, He commented and indicated that the first place was obtained by a Cordoba.

In turn, she highlighted that four of her companions who traveled with her obtained medals. «At that moment you have a lot of responsibility. A national tournament cannot be held at any time,” he said.

The accompaniment of her sensei, Facundo Sandoval, was key for the girl to be able to compete without the pressure of coming out first in her first National. «Before the fight, he told me to be calm and gave me technical instructions.. He always stressed to me that winning or losing was not important,” she recounted.

In turn, his father indicated that they tried to convince the competitors to “make the experience, absorb the pressures as much as possible and healthy.” In addition to Lucía, Maximiliano Parra, Morena Escoto, Santiago Lucero, Luca Albani won medals at the National.

Achieving a runner-up in the National tournament is a memory that will remain forever in Lucía’s life. The inheritance of his father, the commitment, responsibility and passion for the sport make him prepare for more and more challenges. “Now I have to prepare for two tournaments and another National in October,” he concluded.


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