“UEFA has not fallen into the Thebes trap”

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The Barca president has addressed the issue of the UEFA investigation and the possibility of receiving a sanction for the ‘Negreira case’

“Mr. Ceferin, for his part, is acting prudently and responsibly,” he declared.

John Laporta has appeared before the media at the press conference on the ‘Negreira case’ to clarify the controversy surrounding the investigation of the UEFA. The president wanted to compare the performance of the highest European body with that of LaLiga, which he calls ‘irresponsible’ for the statements of Javier Tebas.

“If I have talked about thebes it was because I think He is having an absolutely irresponsible behavior to harm the reputation of FC Barcelona. He is validating hypotheses that are false: he said that Barça recognized that these services did not exist and this is completely false“, he declared. Laporta has made reference to the fact of the presumption of innocence, a right that has not been respected. He has not hesitated to point to Javier Tebas.

“I refer again to the Tax Agency report. On page 20, the club’s employees said that they could not locate the reports, not that they had not been done. Fortunately, the ‘Compliance’ area has found 629 reports and 43 CDs between 2014 and 2018. Mr. Ceferin, for his part, is acting prudently and responsibly“He added on the subject.

Regarding the maximum representative of UEFA, who raised the possibility of sanctioning FC Barcelona, ​​he pointed out that “He has not fallen into Mr. Tebas’s trap. At least for now. The input I have from the UEFA investigation is that it will be pronounced when we are judged. As I am convinced that Barça will be exempted from any criminal liability, I am clear that we will continue as normal,” Laporta declared.

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