Kleber secures Mavs win at LA Lakers

In the Jubeltraube after his winning goal at the end of the clock national basketball player feared Max Glue briefly about his health, in the cabin of Dallas Mavericks he was again the focus of all celebrations.

“You’re getting a water shower. It was extremely cold, »reported the Würzburger German press agencyafter beating the Mavericks 111-110 against the Los Angeles Lakers had scored the last six points for his team and hit the three-pointer that brought the decision. “When it went through the net, I was super hyper,” said Glue. “Then I saw everyone running towards me and got into a bit of a defensive position. And then everyone was on top of me, like a mountain of meat, or as they say in German. It was definitely a special moment.”

Lob von Mavs-Coach Jason Kidd

He had never managed such a shot before in his career, and the Mavericks usually have other players like the one who is injured at the moment Luka Doncic or newcomer Kyrie Irving responsible for something like that. But he was made captain of the national team Dennis Schroeder and the Lakers so beaten that only one pass is left for him Glue remained as an option. The Texans’ number 42 jumped at the chance just a split second before the end. «Maxi was in the right place at the right time,” praised the Mavericks coach Jason Kidd and rejoiced in a brutally important win en route to the playoffs.

The Mavericks drew in a fight for a direct ticket with the Golden State Warriors even. They had previously against them Atlanta Hawks 119:127 lost – 31 points from Steph Curry were not enough for the defending champion. Because they too The Minnesota Timberwolves after two extra hours 131:139 against the Chicago Bulls lost, the situation was also for the Lakers before the game was ideal for a big step towards sixth place in the Western Conference. Due to their own defeat, the team slipped behind them Oklahoma City Thunder in tenth place and has to worry about participating in the play-in itself. Appropriately frustrated steamed Schröder toward the cabin when the Mavericks pros were still using Glue formed a giant ball on the floor in the arena.

For Glue the moment of happiness was also particularly valuable because it was against the san antonio spurs had allowed an extension two days earlier with two slight errors at the very end and is not quite back in rhythm after his injury break of more than two months. “I’ve had a very low low and a very high high back to back now,” he said. “It makes no difference how ugly or beautiful the victories are. We just have to find a way, »he demanded. That he’s in town for a happy ending Hollywood’s provided was a pretty cool feeling. »

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