Germán Martínez requests UNAM to annul the title of Minister Yasmín Esquivel – El Sol de México

In his capacity as a law graduate and graduate of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, the senator of the plural group, German Martinezsent a letter to the rector, Enrique Graue, to request the annulment of the title of the minister of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, Yasmín Esquivel.

“To Dr. Enrique Graue, rector of the National Autonomous University of Mexico with attention to the University Ethics Committee of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, in order to strengthen the file and request that the title of Yasmín Esquivel be annulled, to give prestige to the work as a lawyer and to defend the university with a civic character, with ethical shame, with public decency, which I am sure, the rector Enrique Graue has them”.

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According to Senator Martínez Casares, the UNAM has full legal capacity to annul the title of Yasmín Esquivel Mossa, and must be guided by ethics and social sense. Similarly, he ratified the request for impeachment against the minister.

In addition, in the act of ratifying the minister who illegitimately occupies the position in the Court, the process of political responsibility has begun.

Germán said that he investigated in the general statutes in force at the time of the false qualification of the student Yazmín, that in article 97 the students will be responsible for non-compliance with the obligations indicated in the UNAM regulations and specifically says.

“The student who has given or received fraudulent help in the achievement tests will be suspended for up to one year, without prejudice to the nullity of the supported exam. There is no greater test of achievement than the qualification test to obtain the professional degree”.

He warned that, in his letter to the rector of the UNAM, he points out that there is an internal and external legal basis for annulling an exam that received fraudulent help. The law protects values, not bureaucracies or privileges, said Germán Martínez.

He reiterated his ethical plea and that the respective nullity is a sanction that UNAM reserves for itself, to protect itself, since the nullity of its documents is an institutional defense, it is a guarantee of all the students who passed through their classrooms and obtained their merits and without traps.

“It is a safeguard against society where UNAM professionals work to reliably certify school and academic performance. Society must be certain that the tools provided by the UNAM, to face life in any of the professions, should not be hollow, empty, false or useless”.

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UNAM does not have to assume, or absorb, or validate without making a sanctioning determination, the fraudulent and dishonorable illegal conduct of one of its graduates. “The act of titling, is a strictly academic act, it is fulfilled and perfected exclusively within the framework of autonomy of the UNAM.”



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