Football Seven Rompante is crowned SuperLiga champion

Image courtesy of Jornal O Cordovense

History was made this afternoon in Vila das Aves, Football Seven Rompante won the title of champion of the Superliga Minho de Futebol 7 after a significant victory over PEJAG – Associação Desportiva de Gondar by 6-2.

The team from São Martinho do Campo culminates the work of a season with the conquest of the regional championship.

Football Seven Rompante will also play in the cup final against The Zungados team.

This competition, called MiniFootball Portugal, emerged with the aim of bringing together several competitions that have been active since 2007, initially created to allow amateur teams that used to play weekly with friends, a competitive model that only Leagues can offer.

After some changes in its structure and expansion, the competitions are now on a national and international level, capable of providing all types of teams with a balanced competition regardless of their level of play.

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