People| Want to come back after retiring for two years, J Ma wants to come back to play football after being addicted to being a singer |

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reporter ice reportRecently, Colombian media revealed that the 36-year-old former international player and former Guangzhou Evergrande foreign aid Jackson Martinez (hereinafter referred to as J Ma), who announced his retirement in December 2020, hopes to come back. In the past six months, he has been doing physical training, hoping to recover, and his agent is lobbying Medellin to sign him independently for free. In the previous 2 years, he released 3 albums and 1 single. singer” addiction.

J Ma has played for many giants, but for Chinese fans, he is the “nightmare” of the Guangzhou team. He has the highest transfer fee in team history (42 million euros). Due to injuries, he only played 15 games for the Guangzhou team. , The data is 4 goals and 2 assists.

J Ma is versatile. In addition to football, he also played basketball,baseballAnd volleyball, moreover, he prefers basketball, but because of his poor family, no one in the family supports him, so he can only choose the one that is more likely to change his

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J Ma’s musical talent comes from his father Orlando, although he only playedColombiaSecond division, but every time he scores a goal, he celebrates with a cha-cha. J Ma’s nickname “Cha Cha Cha” came from his father and was later changed to Jackson. His father named his son after the black singer.

In September 2018, when the Guangzhou team was loaned to Portimão in the Portuguese Super League, J Ma released his first album “No Temere (Fearless)”, the 7 capitals are hip-hop style, and the title song is “Bendiceme (Bless me)”. The content of the song is all related to his beliefs. J Ma, who believes in Catholicism, believes that signing the Portimão is God giving him a chance to be reborn, although it later proved that this is not the case.

In May 2021, J Ma released his second album “Las dos Puertas (Two Doors)”, which also included 7 singles; in April 2022, J Ma released his third album “No Hay Duda (No Hay Duda)”. No doubt)”, the title song is “Proclamare (I declare)”; in September, he released the hip-hop style single “En Cristo Estoy (I am a Catholic)”.

  People | After retiring for two years, he wants to come back, J Ma wants to come back to play football after finishing his addiction as a singer

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People | After retiring for two years, he wants to come back, J Ma wants to come back to play football after finishing his addiction as a singer

In December 2022, J Ma announced his retirement and officially entered the music scene. Recently, he toured in Colombia, first in the capital Bogota, followed byMedellin. Maybe it’s because of his addiction to being a singer, J Ma wants to come back again, and this idea has been around for a long time.

In June last year, J Ma emphasized that he has not completely retired, as long as the doctor and coach allow him, he is willing to return to football. He said that he is trying to combine music and football to actively recover. He will set recovery goals for physical fitness and skills, and is willing to accept trial training, just want to relive the joy that football brings to him.

In August, under the leadership of Alvarez, J Ma trained with the Colombian First Division team Black Box Golden Eagles. At that time, his agent got in touch with Medellin independently. In addition, two other clubs were interested in him, but because his wife in Portugal was about to give birth, he had to take care of him, and he felt that his condition had not yet recovered, so , the comeback was stranded.

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Medellin Independent is the home team where J Ma became famous. In 2004, he made his professional debut here and played for 6 years, playing a total of 118 games.

With the gradual recovery of J Ma’s physical fitness, returning to Medellin to be independent is once again on the agenda. The Colombian media “Semana” interviewed J Ma’s agent and learned that J Ma will meet with Independence this week. The coach of the team, David Gonzalez, will arrange a trial training. If approved, the two parties will sign a contract.

At the end of January, Medellín will start a new season independently. The league, cup and Copa Libertadores will fight on three fronts, and they need enough capable players. Previously, the club had contacted Quintero, the former deep football foreign aid. As for J Ma, although he valued his previous independent reputation in Medellin, after all, he hadn’t played an official game for two years, so he still hesitated.

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