NBA: Doncic comes out in the Mecca of basketball

EIn art it would be like having a great painting in the Louvre. Or a great show in Las Vegas in music. Luka Doncic did the same, but in basketball. And in his most revered place of worship, although the future of the sport itself has taken other paths in recent decades. The Madison Square Garden y los New York Knicks, to which the Slovenian separated from the victory in a game in the morning. Of those who choke.

I served so that Doncic and his Mavs to rise from a last difficult loss. Precisely, between Doncic and one of those designated against the Pistons, Tim Hardaway Jr., they were the ones who built the victory from the triple. One of the great subjects that were marked with a cross. They opened from 65-65 in the first minutes after the break to 74-96 at 36′. Key to the final 100-121, with 30 points, 8 rebounds and 7 assists slovenian finals

In a qualifying key, it serves to put 50% (11-11), although the Playoff is still three wins away. They still need one more push. “I was upset after the losing streak and came out focused on winning,” Jason Kidd described about Doncic’s game at the Garden. A pavilion that, in fact, ended up singing ‘MVP’ at ’77’. It’s not his best performance, for example he has a triple-double with 33 points, but I know it’s the season in which the situation in Dallas is the most delicate since his rookie year.

Doncic is the one who leads, directs and finishes, and he does not find some companions who finish taking the next step. Especially the shooters. Well, both Reggie Bullock (with less than 30% from the triple) and Hardaway are not performing and that hinders everything. From decision making to dropping the ball. Even more so when the other great attacking argument, Christian Wood, loses many minutes due to his zero defensive sense. A big thing, in short.

It came to light that Doncic came to ask Kidd what he could do more, to which the technician replied sarcastically. “It’s a tough question because he is doing everything for us. He ironically replied that he could play the full 48 minutes and he would be willing to do so. He wants to help this team win”, confessed the former point guard and now coach. At the Garden, Mecca, an important step… They still have a lot to build.



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