THE BALL – Mourinho, Futre and Jorge Mendes distinguished at the ‘Thinking Football Summit 2022’ (Football)

Just 15 days before the start of the ‘Thinking Football Summit 2022’, at the Super Bock Arena – Pavilhão Rosa Mota, in Porto, new panels, speakers and details about what will be the last major international football event continue to be unveiled. the start of the Qatar World Cup.

The event will feature the ‘Thinking Football Summit Awards’, taking place on November 19 (second day of the event), during the afternoon.

An initiative that will distinguish José Mourinho, Jorge Mendes and Paulo Futre, with the aim of «recognizing their careers and the invaluable contribution made to Portuguese football, in the different spheres of intervention of a sports agent», can be read in the statement from the organization.

In case of Special OneRoma coach, «the main objective is to value his unique career as a coach, full of titles and achievements, while the distinction that will be given to businessman Jorge Mendes aims to «extol a name that marked a paradigm shift in the world of agents and counts, in its portfolio, with some of the best interpreters of the present time».

In relation to Paulo Futre, «it will be his valiant career as a player to be recognized, in the exaltation of a name very dear to all, due to his unparalleled personality and charisma».



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