Goals Rain in Tangerang, Cisadane Warriors Win 5-3


The rain of goals occurred in the fifth week of BRI Liga 1 this season, when Persita Tangerang hosted Persikabo 1973. This match ended for the Cisadane Warriors victory with a score of 5-3.

Playing at the Indomilk Arena, Friday (19/8/2022), Persita opened the scoring in the 18th minute. Receiving the breakthrough pass on the right side, Ramiro Fergonzi released a cross which was headed by Wildan Ramdhani to break into the Persikabo goal which was guarded by Syahrul Fadillah.

Winning one goal did not make Persita satisfied. In front of thousands of supporters, they added another goal in the 28th minute. A backpass error from Persikabo defender Andy Setyo was successfully exploited by Ezequiel Vidal who was free and unguarded. He calmly defeated Syahrul in a one-on-one duel.

Behind two goals, Persikabo tried to get up. It didn’t take long, they managed to close the gap in the 30th minute.

Dimas Drajad who received a breakthrough bait moved into the penalty box. He tried to be driven away by Persita’s back row, but managed to find a gap to release a horizontal cross to Gustavo Tocantins who was standing free in front of the goal to break into Dhika Bayangkara’s goal with one measured kick.

The goal had added to the spirit of Persikabo. They tried to equalize, but instead conceded again in the 45th minute. Vidal added his goal through a left foot shot in the penalty box which nestled heavily in the left corner of Syahrul’s goal. The score 3-1 closed the first half.

In the second half, Persikabo again narrowed the gap to 2-3 in the 54th minute. Dimas Drajad carefully controlled Sahrul Ramadhan’s cross with his chest, then fired a volley that hit Dhika Bayangkara’s goal.

But Persita back ahead 4-2 in the 59th minute. Starting from a corner kick released by Vidal, Fergonzi managed to get the ball, who sent a curse to Bae Sin-yeong. The South Korean player’s header successfully shook Persikabo’s goal.

The visitors were further immersed after Persita added a goal in the 68th minute. Sahrul Ramadhan tried to block Vidal’s kick that came from the right side, but instead went into his own goal.

Persikabo scored again in the 74th minute after Tocantins managed to complete a mature pass from Bruno Dybal, but was unable to catch up until the long whistle sounded. The score 5-3 for Persita lasted until the end.

This result brought Persita up to third place in the League 1 standings with 12 points. While Persikabo dropped to fifth position with 10 points.


Persita Tangerang: Dhika Bayangkara; Muhammad Toha, Yohanis Kandaimu, Muhammad Rifki, Arif Setiawan; Bae Sin Yeong, Fahreza Sudin, Ezequiel Vidal; Wildan Ramdhani, Ramiro Fergonzi, Ghozali Siregar.

Persikabo: Syahrul Trisna Fadil; Lucas Gama, Andy Setyo, Syahrul Lasinari; Gilang Ginarsa, Lucky Octavianto, Roni Sugeng, Bruno Dybal, Tegar Infantrie, Tomoki Wada; Dimas Drajad, Gustavo Tocantins.

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