Baseball, which San Marino comeback: from 0-8 to 9-8

The last game of Poule Scudetto is also the most bizarre. Under 0-8 up to 7th, San Marino comes back and wins thanks to a last attack of 9 points. There is everything in this race3 with Parmaclima, useless from the standpoint point of view but very particular and unprecedented in terms of development and history.

THE CHRONICLE. The Emilians seem to secure the match with 4 points at the 1st and 3 at the 2nd on a Palumbo with an ineffective impact. The match begins with the base ball in Koutsoyanopulos, then four singles for Desimoni, Joseph (0-1), Mineo and Gonzalez (0-3). Not only that, because then there is also a crazy throw that is worth 0-4. At the 2nd Parmaclima opens a series of doubles with two outs and a man on base: that of Joseph brings home the 0-5, that of Mineo the 0-6 and that of Gonzalez the 0-7. At the 3rd, with Mazzocchi on the mountain, Parma scores the eighth point thanks to a double from Sambucci, a single from Rodriguez and a sacrificial sprint by Talevi for 0-8.
It seems objectively gone, also because after Ferrini’s valid opening, San Marino will wait for the 6th for another hit (Morresi). The 6th is also an inning with many regrets, with the Titans not scoring despite a situation of full bases and an out.
On the mountain there is space, after Palumbo (2 innings) and Mazzocchi (1), also Di Raffaele (1), Peluso (1) and Kourtis (2). The attack of the guests no longer scores, but the advantage remains eight points until the last attack.
And in that moment the unthinkable happens. The inning begins with Lorenzo Di Fabio running first after a crazy pitch on a third strike and after him comes the valid of Ferrini. On Celli’s rebound, pitcher Diaz misses the first shot, thus allowing the arrival at home by two points (2-8). The real comeback is still a long way off, but what happens in the following rounds of batting begins to change everyone’s mind. Leonora touches the single of 3-8, Ustariz follows him with another valid one and for Morresi there is the base ball that fills the cushions. Epifano hits the single of 4-8, while for Pulzetti there is the base ball that automatically brings in the point of 5-8. At that point, with full bases, there is even the point of overtaking at the beat. The attack finds a stop with the eliminations to the plate of Di Raffaele and Di Fabio, but returns to be pungent immediately after with Ferrini’s single from two points for the 7-8. At that point the unthinkable seems to be able to really materialize. On the Parmaclima mountain there is a change, with Habeck in place of Diaz. The survey must face Celli, not just any customer, and the challenge is won by the player of the Italian Champions. For Federico a blow on the outside center that brings in two points, that of the same and that of overtaking. A surreal match ends 9-8 but which allows San Marino to close this scudetto with a smile.
On Thursday in Serravalle the playoff semifinal starts with Grosseto. Best-of-seven series.

PARMACLIMA: Koutsoyanopulos ec/ed (1/2), Desimoni (Flisi 0/2) es (1/2), Joseph ss/ec (2/4), Mineo r (3/4), Gonzalez ec/3b (3/2). 4), Astorri dh (0/4), Sambucci 1b (2/4), Rodriguez (Battioni 3b/ss 0/2) 3b (1/2), Talevi 2b (1/2).
SAN MARINO: Ferrin 3b (3/4), Celli dh (1/3), Leonora 1b (1/4), Ustariz ed (1/3), Morresi r (1/2), Epifano ss (1/3), Pulzetti etc. (0/3), Lo. Di Raffaele 2b (0/4), Di Fabio es (0/4).
PARMACLIMA: 431 000 0 = 8 bv 14 e 3
SAN MARINO: 000 000 9 = 9 bv 8 e 0
LANCIATORI: Lugo (i) rl 4, bvc 1, bb 4, so 7, pgl 0; Diaz (L) rl 2.2, bvc 6, bb 2, so 7, pgl 4; Habeck (f) rl 0.0, bvc 1, bb 0, so 0, pgl 0; Palumbo (i) rl 2, bvc 8, bb 1, so 3, pgl 7; Mazzocchi (r) rl 1, bvc 2, bb 1, so 1, pgl 1; Lu. Di Raffaele (r) rl 1, bvc 2, bb 0, so 1, pgl 0; Peluso (r) rl 1, bvc 1, bb 0, so 1, pgl 0; Kourtis (W) rl 2, bvc 1, bb 0, so 2, pgl 0.
NOTE: doubles by Joseph, Mineo, Gonzalez and Sambucci.



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